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Yvonne Plaza Chua Video

We shared with readers Yvonne Plaza Chua Video. Also, we provided information about the suspects and the prime suspect.

Did you see the latest news from Davao City today? The news shocked and stunned many people. People around the globe, including the Philippines, are interested in the truth behind the act and who is responsible.

What was the Yvonne Plaza Chua Video like?

A woman called Yvonne Plaza Chua is seen being shot to death on the street in the video. She was killed in the green Meadows subdivision, right in front of her Barangay Tugbok house.

The video shows that there were two assailants and that they ran off after murdering the woman .

What did the police do after viewing the Yvonne Chua Plaza CCTV footage ??

Davao police captured CCTV footage that showed one attacker riding a motorbike while another was pointing a gun at Yvonne. They fled with the purse of the victim after they killed her.

Cops continue to investigate the case after discovering the CCTV Footage. According to Catherine Dela Rey (spokesperson for Davao City Police), either a personal grudge, or robbery could explain this horrible act.

Who are the suspects in the Yvonne Chua Plaza Scam ?

Many internet users have taken B/Gen. Jesus Durante, a suspect in the case, claimed that he had been physically abusing B/Gen. They also discussed a photo of her that showed her covered in bruises. She said that she is a threat to her own life.

The Army official denied any involvement in the murder case and all charges. He demanded justice for Yvonne Chua Plaza.

What did B/Gen. Jesus Durante on the Yvonne Chua Plaza Scandal

He claimed that Yvonne Chua Plaza was a friend of his and that he wanted justice for her. He said that Durante was being dragged in the case due to last year’s post. He said that Yvonne had made it clear last year that Durante had not hurt her, and that the post wasn’t for Durante.

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The final verdict

Yvonne died in her home from the murder of 2 suspects. Police are now investigating Durante, an Army official.

Is Durante the mastermind of this case? Comment below to share your thoughts on the article.

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