Yoni Steam: Meaning, Who May Be Concerned, And Benefits


Being a woman is a lot. Menstruation, childbirth, and dealing with vaginal infections – these things are not new to women. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, 85 percent of women deal with menstrual cramps every month. You may have seen tips online or multiple pieces of advice from different people or even your friends about female self-care, but some of the struggles remain.

But do you know about Yoni Steaming, aka vaginal steam? If this process is new to you, prepare to learn more

Meaning of Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming is also known as Chai-yok, Bajo, or vaginal steaming. It is a gentle and therapeutic self-care treatment for women. It involves sitting or squatting over a steaming bowl of water infused with yoni herbs. You get to experience the warmth that is comforting and relaxing. The process lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour. This procedure has been practiced by different women worldwide, especially from Africa, Central America, and Asia. Many people believe yoni steaming helps to cleanse your soul as a woman and connect you to your feminine core. If you have been looking for a self-care idea, yoni steam is something you should try. Relax with a good book and be in touch with your feminine side.

Who May Be Concerned About Yoni Steam?

Anyone with a vagina can yoni steam and experience its incredible benefits, especially women who suffer from irregular or painful periods, who want to improve their reproductive organs, or are going through difficulties. However, it is not advisable to yoni steam on your period. The heat can increase bleeding, and it can also increase your chances of getting vaginal infections,

It is also not advisable to yoni steam during pregnancy or after ovulation if you are trying for a baby or if you’ve implanted an intrauterine device.

Interested in the vyoni steam ? Yonifeel is probably the reference site in this field.

Benefits of Yoni Steam

The benefits of yoni steam are not only physical. It has been practiced for ages to improve mental and emotional well-being by relieving symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, negativity, and depression. Yoni steam provides benefits through medicinal herbs that soothe, replenish, and balance the reproductive system without disrupting the natural state of the vagina. 

Although there is no scientific evidence to back up most of these claims, many women claim they experience relaxation after doing yoni steam, and they want it to be part of their constant self-care regimen.

Benefits of Yoni steam include:

  • Eliminates toxins from your body
  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Treats hemorrhoids
  • Stabilizes your mood
  • Balances your hormone levels
  • Aid fertility
  • Reduces abnormal growth in your womb
  • Increases sexual libido
  • Improves your immune system
  • Heals your reproductive system after childbirth
  • It helps to maintain a healthy feminine odor
  • Treats bacteria and yeast infections
  • Builds your self-esteem
  • Detoxifies the womb
  • Tightens the vagina
  • Releases negative energy and promotes happiness

Yoni Steam Herbs and Its Benefits

Yoni steam herbs have many amazing properties that can help you maintain a great and healthy reproductive system. However, you don’t just use any herb because you want to do vaginal steam. Remember to use only freshly-picked, dried organic herbs or get from trusted vendors. So, what herbs can be used for yoni steaming?

Check them out!

  • Mugwort – helps reduce abdominal or menstrual cramps.
  • Chamomile – soothes vagina tissue and infections and improves lubrication
  • Basil – It is a uterine stimulant
  • Raspberry Leaf – It is a pelvic relaxant.  It strengthens and tones your pelvic muscles and uterine walls
  • Calendula – It cleanses your sex organs and reduces inflammation
  • Motherwort – Here you have an excellent herb for fatigue and cramps
  • Lavender – It is an antiseptic herb. It also relaxes your nerves and muscles
  • Rosemary – It is soothing and cleanses the uterus
  • Marigold – improves blood flow to your vagina and breasts. Boosts libido and reduces vagina dryness
  • Marshmallow – It helps to treat bladder and urinary infections
  • Red Clover – It relieves pre-menstrual symptoms

How to do a Yoni Steam at Home

  • Pour up to 8 cups of purified water into a medium pot
  • Drop a handful of fresh yoni herbs into the water
  • Allow the water to boil for 5 minutes
  • Turn off the heat, and leave the lid on the pot for 5 minutes
  • Test the temperature of the steam before using it. If it’s too hot for you, wait till the steam feels comfortable to use
  • Pour 4 cups of water into a bowl and place it under an open seat
  • Remove your underwear and sit on the chair above the water for 20 minutes to an hour.
  • Drape your body with a large blanket. Ensure it gets to the floor to prevent the steam from escaping
  • When the steam goes down, dump the water. You can start with another dosage. If the water has cooled too much, reheat before use again.


The bottom line, naturally, the vagina is a self-cleaning part of the body and produces discharge to keep your intimate parts healthy. However, through yoni steaming, you get to connect to your core. You’ll feel relaxed after every session. Yoni steaming boosts your reproductive system whether you’re young or have reached menopause. So give it a try and see if it makes a difference. What’s the harm in trying?

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