WotLK Classic Phase 2: Which class is the best, which class is the worst?


Currently, Wrath of the Lich King Classic has launched Phase 2. After that, the much-anticipated Ulduar Raid, some new world content, and new power rankings for WoW’s DPS, Healer, and Tank Classes have also rolled out.

As part of Phase 2, we’ve ranked each of these classes based on how well they survive Uduar raids. In detail, this ranking is measured by how well each class survives the entire Ulduar Raid. It can also be said that there are some classes that are still strong throughout the Ulduar Raid, then they will be ranked higher than those classes that performed better at the beginning or end of the raid.

Finally, please understand that today we’re talking about an update to a game that’s basically 15 years old. In this game, most players can not only choose their favorite class combinations and buy wotlk classic gold to complete Ulduar’s challenges, but most importantly, the entire process of playing the game is enjoyable. The best class to Ulduar Raid will also be your favorite class, if you will.

WotLK Classic Phase2: DPS Class

WotLK Classic Phase2 DPS Class

In Phase2, Affliction Warlocks, Assassination Rogues and Unholy Death Knights will be the main DPS classes most times. Not only are they powerful in their own right, with some necessary utility, but also the survivability you need in the early stages of a new raid. The Unholy Death Knights DPS class is still the first choice in the second stage. Although they have been weakened a lot in the last round of updates, they are still very strong.

Things get interesting. Without a doubt, Fire Mage is one of the biggest DPS boosters. They are much stronger than before, and have the perfect damage tool, which is needed in some of Ulduar’s most difficult battles. And Survival Hunters is somewhat similar to them. Survival Hunters have very sophisticated equipment, and in most cases can cause stable damage to the enemy in battle.

Demonology Warlock, Frost Death Knight, and Combat Rogue are very popular in most raids, and are sometimes the go-to spec for some battles. Even though they’ll be influenced by some of the better options that their careers offer, they’re all pretty darn good in reality. Destruction Warlock is also powerful in some battles. For the PvP arena, Subtlety Rouge is best left here.

Balance Druid and Shadow Priest are both fun. While they both have some mana issues and slightly different performances, both bring some amazing tools and a lot of damage potential to the raid. However, in most raids, Balance Druids are popular because of their own buffs, while Shadow Priests are still best with Warlock. In fact, not only can Shadow Priests deal a lot of damage to enemies, but they can also switch to a healer for healing in a pinch.

Arcane Mage is also powerful in many battles in Ulduar. But in the early days of Ulduar, there will be some problems with their mana. Although Arcane Mage can deal pure damage to enemies, their resource management abilities may be monitored during some fights in raids.

Some DPS classes such as Enhancement Shaman, Marksmanship Hunter, Feral Druid, and Elemental Shaman have good and bad sides. Enhancement Shamans are powerful in single target fights, but they have some dependencies on the rest of the team and have some issues with survivability. Although Marksmanship Hunters are inferior to Survival Hunters in many ways, they are very stable. Neither Feral Druid, nor Elemental Shaman will be your best picks when it comes to melee and ranged DPS, but the right players can outperform their competing classes with both classes.

Since Fury Warriors look better with a lot of Ulduar gear, I’m leaning towards Fury Warriors over Arms Warriors. At the beginning of the raid, Arms Warriors will become the DPS specification chosen by more people because of the damage gain. But in the next phase, the Fury Warriors will definitely surpass them, so you may want to prepare to transform into Fury Warriors now.

Finally, in the early days of Ulduar, some classes were hard to find raid locations and farm wotlk gold, namely Retribution Paladin, Frost Mage, Beast Mastery Hunter, and Subtlety Rogue. Until the raid is over, none of these classes will be any more powerful than before. As it stands, Retribution Paladins is the best prospect, while the rest of the specs are for everyone else.

WotLK Classic Phase2: Healer Class

WotLK Classic Phase2 Healer Class

In Phase2, the Holy Paladin heals best, by some measure. They’re great because not only can they bring you some healing and utilities you might want from a support position, but you’re taking your party on raids with the full support of the Holy Paladins.

But every raid, there must be at least one Discipline Priest in the team. Not only are their buffs and utility abilities ranked high in the game, but they also do a good job of raw healing output and raid healing in AoE situations. When you’re in Ulduar, always remember to pick Discipline Priests considering the AoE damage you’re going to take.

In the game, Restoration Druid and Restoration Shaman are in about the same place. If you have someone on your team who is good at both classes, you want them to fight alongside you in Ulduar. We should note that although Restoration Druid and Restoration Shaman are not as powerful as Holy Paladins and Discipline Priests, they can both heal the whole raid well and keep your DPS alive in tough fights Full.

The odd healer will drop the Holy Priest. If your team has some other options to heal, they just won’t offer anything you already have. There is currently some debate about Shadow or Holy Priest to raid and swap between those specs as needed, meanwhile for better healing it is better to go for Discipline Priest.

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WotLK Classic Phase2: Tank Class

WotLK Classic Phase2 Tank Class

Protection Paladins are perhaps the best overall tank pick in Phase 2, but the fight is closer than you might think. In fact, Protection Paladins can stay alive during raids. While they are not necessarily the best complete tanks, they can have better raid-wide utility than other tanks.

For Blood Death Knights, I might rate them a bit high. In fact, I think they have a wonderful combination of survivability and damage output. You don’t need to take care of Blood DKs, as it will help you make up for the DPS drop you’re about to suffer in the early stages of an Ulduar Raid. They’ll give you some of what you want if you need WoW WOTLK Gold.

In the early days of Ulduar, Protection Warriors suffered a bit. Despite their reliance on gear, they are large in raids. Protection Warriors might be a good choice when your raid knows Ulduar well enough to come and lead your team.

Many people would choose Bear Druids these days, but I don’t think he’s ranked that high. In fact, their huge health pool and spec switching versatility in many fights are useful, but not appealing enough to me. Unless Ulduar is on the farm, you don’t have to worry about tanks doing badly.

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