Woman has fingers amputated after horrifying infection


What started as abdominal pain resulted in amputation of one former health care worker.

Sadie Kemp, who worked at the COVID-19 test and follow-up unit of the United Kingdom National Health Service, cuts all 10 fingers after sepsis of the limbs due to an infected kidney stone.

According to the latest information from the family, doctors are not sure if 34-year-old Kemp also needs to remove his feet and toes. With GoFundMe..

Nevertheless, the mothers of her two sons (Kenzie (16 years old) and Hendrix (2 years old)) are still in good health.

“I realized I was given a second chance in my life. The doctor told me I’m still here because they’re so confused, I have in my blood I shouldn’t be alive given the amount of poison I had, “she said. Said to the mirror..

Sadie Kemp before amputating the finger.
Originally from Peterborough, England, Sadie Kemp was working on the National Health Service’s COVID-19 testing and follow-up program before getting sick.
Sadie Kemp / SWNS

Kemp was taken to Peter Barra’s hospital on Christmas day after complaining of a new kind of pain near his kidneys. She decided to take a bath that night in search of her relief.

“After 30 minutes, I was screaming in floor pain, saying that someone felt pressured on my kidneys,” she said.

Kemp was in a medically-induced coma when he had a septic reaction to kidney stones. When she woke up, more than a week later, and into the New Year, her hands and feet were black.

Sepsis occurs when the immune system releases an onslaught of chemicals to fight infection, but it attacks organs, causing blood clots that starve blood limbs and ultimately leading to amputation if left untreated. Causes extensive damage to the body.

Sadie Kemp in the hospital.
According to her family, five fingers have already been removed, and five more will be removed in the next few days.
Sadie Kemp / SWNS
Sadie Kemp before amputating the finger.
Doctors have not yet decided if the patient needs to have their feet removed.
Sadie Kemp / SWNS

Infections that lead to sepsis most often result from wounds in the lungs, urinary tract, intestines, or untreated meat. This condition is highly treatable if detected early with antibiotics, but early signs of sepsis can be difficult to detect because they are no different from many other illnesses such as fever, dizziness, and hypotension. I have.This is part of the reason it is still the leading cause of death In the hospitalOften as a complication of surgery.

Kemp and her doctor were able to save her life and some limbs from fatal complications, so so far only her fingers have been lost. However, her doctor is afraid that the infection has already spread too much, so she can soon lose her leg.

She and her sons already lived in a house provided by a charity after suffering an economically devastating divorce. She has lost her job at the NHS and is afraid that her children may be at risk.

“I’m just trying to wonder why this happened and how it happened,” she said.

Sadie Kemp before amputating the finger.
The two moms had no work or home due to their recent disability.
Sadie Kemp / SWNS

“It left me a job and a house,” she continued. “I’m not making money for kids. They don’t have a roof overhead, and that makes me feel terrible. I’m there for them and give them some safety I just want to give it. “

Meanwhile, her family began fundraising to support Kemp’s physical and financial recovery. Ultimately, they want to raise enough money to get her bioengineering prosthesis that allows her to live as technically as free as possible.

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