Wide Brim Hats For Women – Buying Guide And Reviews 


Brim hats are becoming a standard accessory among women of different tastes, ages, and choices. From ladies working in corporate offices to girls looking to make their everyday styling great, everyone loves having these elegant hat pieces by their side. However, brim hats are different from those old boring hats of older times. 

Commonly, these modern hats are made of straw, twine, or woven z wool felt fabric designed to endure abuse. Whether it is an old hat or one made recently, they have kept the same traditional look yet with added functions like keeping the wearer’s face warm, sun protection, and protection from dust and dirt. 

Today there are many brims, from primary forms to innovative designs like fedora, pork pie, etc. However, you must follow a simple guide to get the best hat matching your outfit. 

  • Shape & Structure of Felt Hats

To complete your look, get a wide brim hat with long and rounded edges, but you can also go for short brims that are gentle on your face. These curved hats also add an exquisite statement to your looks. If you want to wear something specific with, choose from various materials available in the market like felt, straw, or fabric, among others. 

However, one must be careful about selecting the best material because not all materials are perfect for use in hot conditions. Also, if your hat is out of shape, you always get a mind your own uterus hat shape from the market to set it back to its original form. 

  • Material Used in Wide Brim Hats

Felt or wide brim hats mainly use woven and natural fibers. Wool felt is also available in the market. These fibers are very lightweight and soft to the touch, and they can be rolled up or folded. Some fabrics under this category include cotton, polyester yarns, and polypropylene. The main difference between these materials is their durability; naturally felt hat lasts much longer than other materials and is strong enough to withstand any weather condition without any problems. 

  • Different Types of Wide Brim Hats

There are different types of wide brims in the market. However, if you want to try something new, go for the leather wide brim hats perfect for a night out or special gatherings. Based on their construction material, these wide-brim hats are categorized into different types, from straw hats to felt and cowboy hats. Here’s a quick peek at a few commonly used wide brim hats:

  1. Felt Fedora Hats 

This hat is made of felt and has a wide brim. These hats are perfect for wealthy people who want to look extra stylish. Fedoras are most widely used by women who love having the luxury of choosing variety in their hat style. You can easily mix and match your style with felt fedoras, as they are readily available in different color options. 

  1. Straw Hats 

His type of hat has woven straws that are attached to the brim in clusters. Such caps are usually made of unbleached broad-leafed straws, but they can also be made from bamboo or rice straws. They aren’t as strong as felt fedora hats, but they keep the wearer’s face warm and cool in different weather conditions.

  1. Cowboy Hats 

This is one of the most traditional and old-fashioned styles available in the market today. They are made of straw and are commonly used by outdoor people like farmers. These hats protect their wearers from damaging weather conditions.

  1. Panama Hat 

Keep your head cool during hot days with the help of this hat labeled as Panama hat, which is made of woven palm leaves or a tanned fabric like toquilla. This hat is usually worn by people traveling to hot countries like Brazil and Colombia, where they desperately require this hat for protection against strong sunlight.

In addition to being shiny, the leather feels great to touch. It also serves as a perfect choice for those looking forward to having a vintage look with their wide brim hats. So make sure you know about some basic types and their features to make the best possible decisions. 

  • Tips For Finding Best Wide Brim Hats

These hat fashion accessories can be expensive most of the time. Therefore, it is essential to keep a few tips in mind before purchasing the ones for you. Here are some things that you must consider:

  • Don’t go way too ambitious and start buying designer hats like fedora or Panama hats without any thought. 
  • When purchasing a wide brim hat, you must check its quality internally before buying it and externally. 
  • Buying a hat that looks great and costs you less will not be of much use if you have to spend even more money on it as far as its maintenance is concerned.

If you love the classic look of wide-brim hats, then go for a custom-made one because it will last longer. However, this is an expensive option, but it’s worth your money. 

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