Why you should study B.Tech in Chemical Engineering?


Engineering isn’t a single-domain-oriented career option. It is very diverse because it has various branches to it. Mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and software engineering to name a few. As constant advancements kept happening, newer branches kept emerging.

One such branch of engineering is chemical engineering. As the name suggests, chemical engineering is the production and manufacturing of products through chemical processes. It involves designing equipment, and systems, and refining the raw materials which are done by mixing, compounding, and processing various different chemicals together.

Thus, chemical engineers have the task of conceiving and designing through chemical processes. They can use chemical processes for the production of chemicals, fuels, foods, biologicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Large-scale companies employ chemical engineers to produce stuff using chemicals and maximize productivity and product quality at a lesser cost.

There are a lot of tasks that are performed by chemical engineers, but a few typical tasks are also there. They must ensure that everything they do is handled with utmost safety while maintaining environmental regulations. They are asked to design and plan equipment layouts. They have to mandatorily follow precautions whenever they are working with hazardous chemicals. Lastly, all of this must be done while eliminating unnecessary costs and producing and manufacturing items at a cheaper cost.

Now, we all know who exactly a chemical engineer is and what they do. But you might be contemplating why you must choose it as your career option. Well, think no further because we’ll list all the reasons.

The profession is full of lauds and claps

If you choose chemical engineering, you must know that you are awaiting numerous rewards and opportunities. Career options after studying chemical engineering are Petroleum engineer, process design engineering, chemical equipment engineering, production engineering, nuclear power engineering, and many others. If you choose the best chemical engineering colleges in Kerala, then a fruitful career is definitely happening. 

Great salary package

Engineering gives you a lot of money, but chemical engineering gives you a lot more than any other branch of engineering will give you. Now you may ask why. It is because this branch of engineering doesn’t limit you, instead, you can easily get a job in manufacturing, mining, analytical chemistry, etc., with a good salary package. There are many B.Tech colleges in Kerala that provide placement aid to students for better results. 

Numerous travel opportunities

With the industrial boom and advancements in technology, new multinational corporations are starting, hence, you can get opportunities to travel within the country or abroad for work purposes.

It will continue till the world ends

Unlike other jobs, the job of a chemical engineer isn’t affected by recession or inflation. People will need essentials like electricity, oil, energy, etc., to go ahead with their daily chores, thus, it is safe to say that the job of a chemical engineer will only end when the world ends, and that isn’t happening anytime soon.

Has ample research opportunities

Chemical engineering isn’t just limited to manufacturing and producing using chemicals. Advancements keep on happening and hence, this constantly develops the need for chemical engineers to search and find out things that can be improved, mixing and compounding of which all chemicals can be fruitful or dangerous. Hence, chemical engineering involves a lot of research and is best for those who are fond of chemicals, carrying out chemical reactions, and carrying out research.

So, now we know why studying B.Tech in chemical engineering is a good option. So, let’s find out which renowned and good colleges in India offer a B.Tech in chemical engineering. We have Delhi Technological University with a rate of AAAA+, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University to name a few.

Another well-known and one of the best private engineering colleges in Kerala is the TOMS College of Engineering in Kerala. This chemical engineering college of Kerala aims to provide high-quality education in various engineering disciplines.

The institute offers one of the best chemical engineering degrees in Kerala. With the help of the course, the students will be able to get a powerful foundation in scientific and technical data and will also improve their soft skills like determination, teamwork, and communication skills which they will put to work through various phases during their career.

This private engineering college of Kerala has designed the chemical engineering course keeping in mind various objectives. After studying the course, the students will be able to practice chemical engineering in chemical industries as well as in other areas like environment, biomedical, biotechnology, etc. The students will learn to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering fundamentals, easily solve chemical engineering problems and use the learnt techniques throughout their career to produce quality work.

The institute also offers great placement opportunities and companies offer a good salary package to the students.

Hence, choosing studying chemical engineering is a great career option and the TOMS College in Kerala is the best to learn the degree and see yourself reach newer heights.

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