Why you should consider Pilates


Pilates is often done by women, but that does not mean that the exercise is an easy, breezy ride. On the contrary, someone as butch as Arnold Schwarzenegger also had a tough time doing this workout. 

Even though this form of exercise was initiated for dancers, whilst they recovered from their demanding workout regimen, however, the basic principle is actually very logical. Essentially, repetitive movement –that we all do as well—is not great for your body, as it overworks some muscles, and underworks the rest. 

Pilates aims to restore the balance. The crux is to utilize muscles properly for a better overall body tone. There is a special focus on the core as well, which is a problem with most of us. 

A weak core means more backache and spams problems that have us running for Best Physiotherapist in Lahore. Of course, doing Pilates does not remove the need for professional help, but it certainly helps the matters. 

Benefits of Pilates

To further convince you of at least trying this form of exercise, here are some of the potential benefits of Pilates: 

Breathing is an important component 

You would think that breathing is as basic as it gets, and you don’t have to ponder over it. Well, wrong. Breathing has a crucial role to play in your physical as well as mental health, which is why breathing exercises are crucial to your wellbeing. 

Pilates incorporates a focus on breathing and hence mind. It is therefore good for regulating this process, which then has implications for your anxieties and stresses as well.  

Builds lean muscles 

Pilates not just tones the muscles, but it can also aid in building long and lean muscles. It involves resistance training since certain steps call to work against gravity. This then helps in building lean muscles. 

Having lean muscles is important for in many aspects; your body looks toned, you have more strength, your muscles are stronger so less likely to falter, you have lesser chance of running into movement and balance issues. 

Good for posture 

A good posture is important not simply because you need to look the part, but posture and your spinal health enjoy an important connection. Incorrect posture can cause to much pressure on all the wrong points in the spine, causing issues with alignment and leading to pain. 

Since Pilates focuses on correct movement and flow, it therefore is also good for improving posture as well. Naturally, it then can also cater to the issues that stem from a bad posture. 

Makes one feel energized

Due to better breathing, Pilates favors better oxygen supply, which then is good for improving the energy levels. Exercise overall is also good for improving circulation, which also leads to better energy levels in the body. 

Makes body flexible 

Another benefit of Pilates is that it aids in making the body more flexible. This then is important for ease in movement. Moreover, flexibility also helps in improving the range of motion as well. 

Works your entire body out 

Imagine heaving over your arms workout, only to realize you did not pay attention to your legs. Sucks, right?

Pilates, on the other hand, is an excellent full body workout. You don’t have to individually focus on the muscles, but a good routine in it of itself will get your entire body moving, and the muscles flowing. 

Not an exclusive form of exercise 

Even though Pilates is challenging, it can still be done by everyone. Many forms like HIIT are not everyone’s cup of tea, and frankly, are also not safe for everyone. 

Pilates can be performed by people from all ages, and even proficiency levels. Beginners to athletes, everyone can benefit from it. Moreover, some regimens are also safe during pregnancy. 

However, if you have specific health concerns, first consult the Best Physiotherapist in Karachi lest it aggravates your injuries. Maybe you can do modified versions instead!

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