Why getting a B. Com degree may be the right choice for you?


B. Com degree is one of the best options to pursue your graduate degree for those who had the Commerce stream in +2. However, there are a lot of students who do change their stream and pursue BCom so as to increase their chances of getting an enhanced career. The course is designed such that it increases the ability of the students to learn and get skilled in various subjects such as Finance, Economics, Business administration, Accountancy, and even industrial policies.

Moreover, A B.Com degree can even open doors to a lot of post-graduation options such as M.Com, MBA, LAW, Designing and Merchandising, Economics, Ph.D., and a lot of other subjects. So, below are some of the reasons which show why B. Com is one of the best degrees for you.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Employment opportunities
  2. Future prospects
  3. Great packages
  4. Knowledge of vast topics
  5. Various job profiles
  6. Things to remember
  7. FAQs

Employment opportunities

Various commerce colleges in Indore not only provide quality education but also provide the best placement and career opportunities to the students. Students who have pursued B. Com have immense career options in various sectors such as Education, administration, social services, and even public affairs. A B. Com degree can secure your career position and you can apply for various sectors which involve commerce and trading. Depending upon the path that you chose as an aspirant, you can pursue your career either in the public sector or the private sector.

Also, B. Com is among the few undergraduate courses that help you to have a high-paying career path. So, the B. Com graduates can use their skills and attract good career opportunities. Future prospects

As in the B. Com graduates think of pursuing their career after completing graduation. But there are a lot of viable options as well that one can opt for after graduation. If you want to get into managerial positions then pursuing a higher degree would help you to get a lucrative path of career. Some of the options that one can opt for include Chartered Accountancy, MBA, M.Com, and LLB. MBA is regarded to be one of the best post-graduation programs after B. Com and one can choose different specializations as well.

Great Packages

It doesn’t matter if you are doing B. Com from a government or a private institution. The employment opportunity is immense after that and the packages for the B.Com graduates is way higher as compared to the other graduates. The packages can range from 2-4.5 lakhs in the fresher level and increases to 8-10 lakhs for the senior level. However, there are different factors that determine the salary such as qualification, prior experience, and even the area of specialization. Management institute in Indore suits the best to the aspirants if they wish to pursue management studies.

Knowledge of Vast topics

As a B.Com degree is an undergraduate program in the field of commerce therefore the students are mostly trained in the field of commerce, banking, and even finance. There are various specializations from which one can choose and pursue their education. Students can thus qualify themselves for various industries. Among the top specializations which one can choose from in B. Com are Law, Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Economics, Accounts and Finance, Taxation, etc.

Various job profiles

One of the main features of a B.Com degree is that one can attract various job profiles and employment areas. There are various areas of specialization and skills and therefore, a B.Com graduate can pursue a career in various commerce profiles. Some of these include accountants, company secretaries, finance consultants, tax accountants, teachers, stockbrokers, auditors, and many more. Many BCom colleges in Indore provide the best placements for the students so that they can get the best jobs in the town.

Things to remember:

  • B. Com is one of the best options for graduation for those who have pursued commerce.
  • It is one of those few graduation streams which offer high salary packages.
  • Various career streams are there which one can choose from such as public policy, administration, auditor, accountancy, finance, stockbroker, educational institutions, and budget planning.
  • The salary packages are quite high and the nature of the organization and type of job varies per person.


How to search for the best colleges in Indore for Bcom? 

If you are also looking for the ideal college for your graduation in Bcom, Radiant Institute of Management & Science (RIMS) is the choice that you ever make. In India, RIMS is known as one of the ideal institutions for higher education. Its professional values and world-class faculty make it special and popular among all aspirants. It is one of the best commerce colleges in Indore.

To get the admission in RIMS under Bcom program, you just need to fill out the application form and need to have a 10+2 certificate from any recognized board. With all the valid documents, you’re allowed to take admission in RIMS. For more information related to admission, you can visit the official website for RIMS. 

Why is RIMS the best management Institute in Indore?

Among top colleges in Indore, RIMS is one of the best colleges to study management courses, commerce courses and humanities courses in a single roof. To make your knowledge more wider, we are providing lists of points that tell you why RIMS is the best management and commerce colleges in Indore;

  • Highly educated and experienced faculty
  • Best placement cell
  • Industry Exposure
  • Multiple courses 
  • Top among all management colleges in Indore 
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