Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak {January} Eternals Marvel: Movie Update

Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak
Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak

What was the reason Ikaris kill Ajak Ajak?, a frequently requested question regarding Eternals Learn the reason and the events that transpired in the movie.

Do you enjoy watching films that are based on the development of earth, or other topics related to earth? Did you know about the tale that Marvel’s Eternal? You probably seen it with doubts in your minds.

After watching this film, many people all over the world are unsure of the reason why Ikaris murdered their chief Ajak.

So, don’t be worried we’re here to help you answer all your questions regarding the reason why Ikaris Killed Ajak.

What is Marvel’s Eternal?

The Eternals are the creatures that were created as humanoids in a lab where they have superpowers that they can use on earth. Celestial sent them to earth with a specific purpose. Their primary goal is to safeguard humanity from the evil forces.

They arrived on Earth in the year 5000 BC aboard spaceships known in the DOMO. They show their power by fighting against their adversaries or foes from earth who seek to harm or destroy the earth.

Later, it is believed that the Eternals principal purpose was to help prepare the globe in preparation for “Emergence.”

In the course of learning about the Eternals We will also have to answer the question ” Why Did Ikaris kill Ajak?”All over the world popular question. However, we must first learn about the people who make up its members.

Who was in Eternals?

  • Sersi: It’s an animal that has the ability to alter and manipulate matter. And in the future, it may also be able to contact the celestial.
  • Ajak is able to talk to the Celestials and assist in healing the wound. It was the head for the Eternal group.
  • Ikaris was a spherical creature with the ability to kill by its eyes as well as fighting its superpowers. It also had flight powers.
  • Sprite: It can be projected with real-life scenarios.
  • Kingo: He can destroy cosmic creatures with his hands.

Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak?

Ikaris killed their leader in the team, Ajak. He made the decision after learning Ajak, the team leader which is Ajak had defied their creator. They was adamant about their creator Celestial who was planning to establish “Emergence” on earth. The emergence was to happen at the cost of devastation to the earth.

Although Ajak and the other Eternals were not looking to destroy Earth because they were in awe of human race on Earth, Ikaris went against them. He was with Arishem who is their creator or, as we say, that he was a Celestial.

Ajak was not in favor of the destruction of earth and its emergence so Ikaris took his leader’s life. Ajak. That’s the explanation and the answer to that question. What was the reason Ikaris kill Ajak?

He (Ikaris) was also planning to kill Series however, he was able to not murder her because of his unending affection for the girl (Seris). However, he’s killed the leader of their team, Ajak.

What happened at the conclusion of Eternals?

At the end, Ikaris couldn’t stop Series the new Celestial leader became a stone and the idea for “Emergence” was unsuccessful. Ikaris was able to go to the sun to escape this guilt, burned himself, and committed suicide.

Final Verdict:

Marvel’s Eternals featured the idea of protecting the human race on earth however the real motive was different and resulted in the tragic end of Eternals. We hope that you have received complete understanding of ” Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak ?”

In addition, you can read details on Eternals here.

How do you justify the murder of Ajak by Ikaris? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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