Where’s the beef? Farmers fire up as fake meat stakes its claim


Consumer watchdog staff with tape protection to ensure that fake meat products are not too close to sausages and steaks if the livestock industry wins the promotion of strict new rules for the emerging plant-based protein industry. You can patrol the chiller passages in the supermarket.

In a Senate survey on fake meat labeling, vegan food companies used pictures of cows and chickens and used terms such as milk, chicken, topherky, and impossible burgers in their packaging from farm groups. Hundreds of submissions have been submitted. For more information on best butchers in Melbourne check out Peter Bouchier

Senate studies recommend stricter labeling and shelf placement restrictions for plant-based protein products.
Senate studies recommend stricter labeling and shelf placement restrictions for plant-based protein products. credit:..

“I’ve been in the meat industry personally since I was a kid making sausages since I was eight … I can do a similar job, but I can’t call a package with tarpaulin an umbrella.” A submission from Meatburn, a butcher on the Sunshine Coast, said.

“Some meat-based burgers are very clever to express themselves as meat, their descriptors are a much larger type, and the message that they are plant-based is usually small? , More hidden. ”

The lean meat industry is valued at about $ 18 billion and is expected to be worth $ 35 billion by 2030. While the plant-based protein sector is valued at just $ 140 million, supermarket giant Woolworths estimates it is growing 40% year-over-year. An outstanding product with tofu, falafel and plant-based burgers.


A coalition-controlled research report released last month recommended that the government tighten restrictions on the labeling of plant-based protein products and consider placing the products in retail stores.

Queensland Senator Susan McDonald, who had established a solid position in the livestock industry and was a Super Butcher retailer before joining Congress in 2019, said the masthead reform was due to widespread concerns. He said it was necessary.

“Australian people on the street say it’s damn. I didn’t actually see it because I bought it at the grocery store, but now I’m seeing this new product. We’re seeing it. I don’t like how is advertised and sold. I don’t like where it’s on the shelves in the supermarket. ”

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