When To Consult A Sinus Surgeon For Treatment Of Sinus Mucoceles?


A sinus mucous cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops inside one or more of the sinuses, four air cavities in the skull. It is also known as a mucocele. Sinus mucous cysts can be painful and may lead to infections, complications associated with surgery or radiation therapy, or bleeding. 

They may also cause pressure or swelling in surrounding tissues, such as the upper jawbone, middle part of each nasal cavity, orbit, and eye. Such problems can be taken care of by performing some surgeries by an ENT Sinus specialist. If you are suffering any of these scenarios as shared below, then you must consult an ENT Sinus specialist:

Frequent Signs of Sinusitis or Sinus Infection

Frequent signs of sinusitis or sinus infection are swelling, pain and headaches. If the problem develops in an area where the mucous is located, then it causes to become stiff and form a pocket of mucous, also known as a mucocele. As a result, when they are pressurized, they may burst, known as a nasal polyp. A patient with this problem must contact a doctor immediately to take appropriate treatments.

  1. Forehead Swelling, Headaches, or Meningitis

Forehead swelling, headaches, and earaches are signs of sinusitis. This problem leads to complications when it is associated with other health conditions like chronic infections of the ears, tonsils, and adenoids. It may seem like a regular headache, but you must contact someone offering vest sinus treatment in Singapore

  1. Chronic Condition of Sinusitis

This condition can be caused due to dysfunction of certain parts of the sinuses, which are the intricate organ comprising bones, arteries, and blood vessels. As a result, it causes the blood to get accumulated in the affected area. In addition, it results in irritation and inflammation of sinus cavities. Usually, this condition leads to postoperative complications, which can be very severe. However, an expert surgeon in Singapore can quickly cure this problem with sinus treatment. 

  1. Facial Swelling or Double Vision

Facial swelling can be caused due to swelling of the sinuses. Facial inflammation or swelling caused by sinusitis is widespread in patients who have had surgery for sinus problems. Sometimes this swelling reaches the area surrounding your eyeballs. Any inflammation in this region causes hindrance to eyesight. Therefore if you or your loved ones are suffering from such symptoms, it’s best to get it checked by professionals. 

  1. Dental Problems Caused By Nasal Polyps and Sinusitis

This problem mainly affects people over the age of 50 years who their doctor or dentist has diagnosed as a result of dental problems. As a result, it causes a build-up in the teeth and bones on the nose cavity’s related side. Hence, they may get numbness and pain in different parts like the upper part of the outer ear, lip corners, and chin area.


Sinus mucous cysts are a severe condition that should be adequately taken care of by you and your doctors. If you are suffering any of these signs and symptoms, you need to consult a Sinus Specialist as soon as possible before it becomes chronic and leads to complications. 

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