What Is the Clear Cup Scam Check The All Details!

What Is the Clear Cup Scam

This article will inform readers about The Clear Cup Scam, and how to avoid it.

Are you a Parisian? Clear Cup scam is the latest buzzword among tourists around the United States. Clear cups are a common scam that has resulted in people being scammed repeatedly.

This article will tell you What is the Clear Cup Scam.

What’s the Clear Cup Scam?

People will often place their coins in clear cups, and then set them up in the middle of the street.

Tourists often mistakenly tipped the cup because they couldn’t see the glass. Tourists are then guilty and offer to pay the scammers money.

Is Clear Cup Legit?

Yes, it is true that the clear cup scam works. Many tourists have posted videos on the internet about the incident to warn others not to fall for it.

These people claim that they do this to rob and scam tourists. They ask for money from tourists, and then they push them down to take the coins they have kicked. They will rob tourists without telling them.

After reading What is the Clear Cup Scam? How do people feel about this scam?

People want to know the truth and avoid falling for the scam after learning about it. This trick is not very clever, however.

This is what people who have experienced it tell others. Even if someone accidentally kicks the cup, it is best to ignore it and continue on their journey. This whole thing is a trap to rob foreigners new to the city who don’t know how to scam them.

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The Last Words

The Clear cup scam is real and many foreigners have been sucked in without knowing.

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