What Can You Do to Keep Your Weed Fresh?


Getting your hands on decent weed can be difficult, but keeping it fresh for weeks is frequently a larger hurdle to conquer. Although packaging has improved throughout the years, the question of its expiration date remains. Significantly, since there is no hard and fast rule regarding cannabis expiration date, keeping a few elements in mind can extend the life of your bud by days.

Regarding cannabis storage, several aspects come into play: humidity, light, heat, air, and many other factors. If you’re serious about keeping your buds fresh, you might not want to skip this post.

Outlined below are some tips for keeping your weed fresh and strong. 

1. Avoid a lot of heat exposure.

Terpenes significantly impact the aroma, flavor, and even color of the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids, and terpenes, in cannabis products like delta 8 carts begin to lose their effectiveness at greater temperatures. Delts-8-THC, a cannabinoid breakdown product, is more prevalent at temperatures above 245°C. However, a far larger degradation will occur if your system has a heavy vacuum leak and is exposed to these temperatures.

As cannabinoids polymerize at high temperatures and when exposed to oxygen, a complete loss of cannabinoids is possible. Also, Delta 8 cart vape juice will solidify into a substance that will be difficult to remove from the flask.

Additionally, cannabinoid leaves curl up and, in places, develop brown/yellow patches. These are the initial symptoms of heat stress. Extreme cold also affects Trichomes, making them brittle.

2. Use A Sealed Glass Jar

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For a good reason, this is a classic. Sealed glass jars are ideal for storing your cache because they keep moisture out and your nugs fresh. You can use mason jars; however, jars with plastic sealing are preferable for maximum security. 

Ensure your weed isn’t too damp before putting it in jars. Too much moisture might induce mold growth, and wet weed doesn’t make for a good smoke.

3. Vacuum Sealing

Sealing marijuana in bisphenol-free plastic containers keeps your bud healthy and fresh for a longer time. It lowers the possibility of any airborne contamination caused by humidity.

4. Don’t add any other organic matter to the storage jar

Keep your cannabis by itself. Some argue that putting fruits and vegetables in the cannabis jar helps the buds retain moisture. However, it is best to avoid such hacks and stay safe. Plain and simple common sense. Adding extra organic matter to a weed-infested container encourages mold and mildew growth.

5. Use A Medicine Bottle

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Like the Zip Lock bags, the pharmaceutical bottle does provide much odor control or air tightness. Medicine bottles just offer a simple way to transport weed without crushing it.

The medicine bottle is ideal for storing marijuana while participating in outdoor activities. Furthermore, Zip-Lock bags may rupture in difficult situations, but a medicine bottle stashed away in your clothing is more likely to withstand abuse. Just keep the bottle away from heat and sunshine.

6. Boveda Packs

Boveda packets take cannabis storage to the next level. Unmonitored humidity levels might harm the buds by destroying the trichomes and cannabinoids found in cannabis. It can significantly affect the potency and aroma of cannabis. However, Boveda packs have salt and water-absorbent beads that help to control the RH level (relative humidity level). They absorb excess moisture and replenish it as needed.

7. Light Vs. Dark

Always choose an opaque, tinted container over a clear one. The longer buds are exposed to light, the less likely they will remain fresh. One of the primary reasons is that cannabis is an organic material. As a result, it is subjected to degradation due to environmental causes. 

High light exposure levels dry up the terpenes in cannabis, causing your flower to lose scent over time. Significantly, vaping becomes less pleasurable as a result. The pot loses its potency and turns bitter.

8. Don’t Put Your Weed in The Freezer or Fridge

This is accepted counsel, and it makes sense. Just because you put other veggies in the refrigerator or freezer to keep them fresh does not imply that cannabis is similarly applicable. It is why: The temperature will fluctuate if you open and shut your refrigerator frequently, which may cause your marijuana to become moldy and mildewed.

Never store your cannabis on ice in the freezer; this can also cause the trichome resin heads to separate from the rest of the plant before you can smoke it.

9. Get A Humidor

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You’ve probably heard of a cigar humidor, but did you realize there are also cannabis humidors? These units are the finest choice for the cannabis connoisseur because they are designed to keep your weed at the ideal humidity for enjoyment. Though they are pricey, they are a worthwhile investment for any regular smoker, and several less expensive options are available. It is best to maintain an ample supply and invest in high-quality marijuana.


You will preserve your cannabis potency and purity if it is stored properly. Significantly, your flower should be kept in an enclosed, cold, airtight glass jar packed as tightly as possible. Also, you should keep pre-rolls in the package they came in or in a glass jar to keep them fresh for longer. Notably, experts advise vacuum sealing flowers if the aroma is a problem or if you need to store them for a long time.

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