What Can Lead to a Rejection of Your Social Security Benefits Applications?


The United States Social Security Administration (SSA) runs disability benefits programs for those unable to find employment due to a physical or mental limitation. These can offer monthly cash to workers who have become disabled and cannot work, and their eligible dependents. Physically or mentally challenged individuals with small incomes and financial resources can also be the beneficiaries. Qualified individuals may get help with Medicare or Medicaid – if one pays for hospital and treatments for those aged 65 or above or those with specific disabilities, the other can take care of low-income individuals’ treatment and long-term care.

Since these are huge benefits, the agency receives thousands of applications for approval. They have to ensure that the funds reach the right people without the risk of misuse. Hence, their eligibility criteria and application process tends to be strict. Many applications get rejected due to even minor errors or mistakes. It can be difficult for any ordinary person to take care of all the parameters and be thorough. However, a way to overcome this hurdle is to take legal help with your disability claim. Lawyers from this specific field will be aware of all the nitty-gritty.

Mistake in filing the form

Because these social security programs offer many meaningful benefits for a person facing a disability issue, the process also tends to be stricter. It requires you to deal with piles of documents that contain your medical history and other essential information. Due to incorrect or wrong details, your application can get rejected. But this doesn’t mean you cannot appeal again. Still, it can be too much stress and work when you already have financial and health concerns running parallel.  

Missing medical reports

Some people believe they only need to claim social security benefits to cover their needs. While filing a claim is the first step, it’s not everything. Your application requires approval, and for this, you have to attach multiple documents that support your disability claim. These include prescriptions, test results, hospital records, medical reports, statements from close ones, and others. Any missing paper or incorrect sequence can affect your insurance eligibility. 

Lapse in treatment

You have to prove you are a deserving candidate, and your ongoing treatment can be proof. Not regularly seeing your primary care provider can become a sore point. You may wonder why this should even be an issue. Logically, it shows that your condition could improve if you received proper treatment. Hence, it can risk the application’s acceptance.

Source of income

Two main disability programs include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Both have unique requirements with a few exceptions. But you have to apply for the right program to become eligible. Most people make a mistake in this area because of a lack of knowledge. For example, SSDI candidates must show their work experience and contributions to the Social Security program. The other is for a young individual with a disability who doesn’t have much work history or income. Hence, it becomes essential to apply for the right policy.

There are various areas where you can go wrong. But if you don’t want to lose the benefits these programs and resources provide for disabled individuals in the United States, you need to be careful with your decision.

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