What Are the Pillars of Employee Well-being?


Your employees’ well-being should be taken seriously in the workplace to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and productive. 

Without this, you might find that your employees struggle much more than they need to, may become despondent, or start to pull away from their role and the company.

If you want to help avoid this happening, then it is worth knowing the pillars of employee well-being so you can make sure you are supporting them and allowing your team members to thrive.

Read on to find out more.

Mental and Emotional Well-being 

The mental and emotional well-being of your employees needs to be a priority, as without it, there can be issues.

It is no secret that many people have several different roles in life, and it can often become extremely overwhelming. Kids, caring for a relative, illnesses, and other life tasks can sap energy and induce stress.

While you might not be able to make a difference in an employee’s personal life, you should be able to make a difference in their professional life. Make sure to chat with your employees and understand how they feel in general and how they are coping with their role at work.

Using an employee survey from employee engagement companies such as inpulse.com to gain emotional data on individual employees can be a useful means of keeping track of everyone and making sure they have support if they need it. 

Financial Well-being

Financial well-being is a big point of tension in many areas of the world right now. The cost-of-living crisis appears to be here to stay, and the chance to relieve financial pressures is reaching unattainable levels. 

As an employer, if you are able to give your employees a worthwhile pay rise, it will almost always be gratefully received and can also help their emotional and mental well-being. 

Alternatively, if this is not an option, consider providing tools, courses, and other means to help, such as an advisor to employees to help them manage their finances. You could also accommodate other changes such as allowing employees to work from home to save money on petrol or provide employee discounts where it matters.

Social Well-being 

Having the option to socialize is a crucial aspect for wellness, even when it comes to the office. Providing a means for employees to socialize with each other can be the difference between a good day and a bad day for some.

Whether you have a system to take employees out for lunch together (or bring lunch to the office), offer paid work drinks or office events so everyone can socialize, or have your own room to chill in the office so people can take breaks with each other – these are all beneficial to the social well-being of your team members. 

Not only that, but it can also facilitate stronger team bonding and teamwork, which can increase productivity and quality of work and contribute to a happier company culture.  

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