Watch the first Steam Deck hardware reviews — nearly two hours of impressions


Valve finally launches $ 400 Steam Deck gaming handheld February 25,rear 2 months late — However, you don’t have to wait another minute to see the hardware in the hands of the reviewers. Gamers Nexus, Linus Tech TipsWhen Phawx Published an extensive impression on YouTube in the final version of Steam Deck, showing his thoughts on ergonomics, performance, battery life and more.

You shouldn’t take these like this Last Steam Deck Review — Valve could only test certain games and had to move away from the underlying OS — I’m confident that if you’re on the fence, you’ll get useful information from each. I am.

For example, I haven’t seen any of them very The battery life promised by the valve is like a portable key, isn’t it? Both Gamers Nexus and The Phawx were able to dry it in just 1.5 hours of play. Devil May Cry 5 When Control, Neither was able to reach Valve’s suggested 8-hour light / remote play, each with a higher setting without VSync.

Several other battery life tests:

  • 2 hours Devil May Cry at high settings using VSync (GamersNexus) 5
  • 3 hours VLC 4K 60fps playback with 50% brightness (GamersNexus)
  • 6 hours Dead cells At 50% brightness (The Phawx, GamersNexus)
  • 6 Hours Steam Link Streaming with 50% Brightness (GamersNexus)
  • 5 hours 40 minutes Portal 2 Limited to 30fps (The Phawx)
  • Forza 5 4 hours limited to 30fps (The Phawx)
  • 3 hours 21 minutes Ghostrunner Limited to 30fps (LTT)

In general, Phawx says “it’s pretty easy to take 4 hours” on a Steam deck, but only if you’re running the game at 30Hz, which is half the screen refresh rate. It may be okay with many titles, Forza?? Well. Valves are still working on possible power saving technologiesbut.

Behind the battery life is performance, which seems to impress everyone as much as I do. With my original hands-on.. So far, Steam Deck seems to completely outperform other modern portable PCs such as the latest Aya Neo and GPD Win 3. You don’t have to borrow someone’s words for that. Side-by-side footage for 10 minutes in a row With complete performance statistics so you can see for yourself.

For more information on ergonomics and the comfort of other creatures, we recommend watching the Linus Tech Tips video. Here we admire the joysticks, speakers and screens (including a series of brightness modes including nice dim ones for the night), but rumble. “At this point, the tactile sensation of this device is a poop stain on an otherwise crisp white sheet,” he says.

Interestingly, Phawx says Steam Deck gives us a lot of room to tweak. Aeris Chips Settings such as parking some CPU cores as needed — We found that disabling two cores improved performance by 20% in early scenes. Control.. Adjustments to get the most out of your handheld PC are not uncommon and you don’t have to use a deck, but it’s interesting to see if the community understands some best practices.

When does all this leave you wondering The Verge Do you want to weigh? Well, I have one here now, and I bring you a complete review.Hit me Twitter @ starfire2258 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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