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Wagner Group Sledgehammer Video

Check out the following article for another disturbing online Wagner Sledgehammer Video to find out what actually happened.

Have you heard of the Wagner Group of Russia? Are you aware that the Wagner Group recently share a video on the web? A small percentage of people have seen or heard of the mercenary group in Russia, Wagner Group.

The inhabitants in Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany were stunned after watching the Wagner Sledgehammer Video. Continue reading to find out what’s included in this video.

What’s the content of the viral video of Wagner Group?

On February 13, Russian mercenary Wagner Group released a horrific execution video in which the Russian mercenary identified as Dmitry Yakushchenko fled from Ukraine in the midst of fighting. In the video an unidentified man wearing camouflage appeared sitting behind Dmitry Yakushchenko in a dark room. He was holding a sledgehammer between his hands in order to take out Dmitry.

Dmitry said in the famous Wagner Execution Video that it was Dnipro which is one of the Ukrainian city in Ukraine. Dmitry was looking for ways to escape. Then, the man who was not identified lifted the sledgehammer, and then threw over the head of Dmitry. The video began to blur. Then, you’ll observe Dmitry falling forward.

What was the location where Wagner Sledgehammer Video put up?

Grey Zone, a semi-official Telegram channel belonging to the Russian mercenary Wagner Group, posted this Sledgehammer video featuring Dmitry Yakushchenko on Telegram.

Does Dmitry Yakushchenko really dead?

When the video was made viral After the video went viral, the Wagner Group said that the video was staged and that they had fun. Because it is a fake Wagner Execution Video is not authenticated, we can not determine if the video was genuine or not.

The director of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin posted a footage of Dmitry Yakushchenko. In that video, we will observe Dmitry facing the concrete wall and he claims that Dmitry was able to be forgiven for sharing crucial details. The second video is not authenticated. Therefore, nobody is sure if Dmitry Yakushchenko is still alive or not.

How can we get this Wagner Sledgehammer video ?

The video in Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. Since the video became quickly, it didn’t take long to take off like wildfire. The videos can be found by Dmitry Yakushchenko.

However, if you’re unable to find the video, search for Wagner Sledgehammer Reddit. A lot of Reddit users have already posted the video on Reddit. You will surely be able to find the video on Reddit. Don’t forget to visit out our “Social Media Links” section for the latest updates on the viral sledgehammer clip.

The Final Verdict:

It wasn’t the first time that the Russian mercenary group Wagner Group posted such a video. In the last three months, Wagner Group released the shocking murder video Yevgeny Nuzhin. Click the link to read what you can about recent events of Wagner Group. Russian merchants of the Wagner Group.

Have you seen the Sledgehammer video already? Comment below.

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