Visible abruptly canceled accounts it says violated a promotion


Visible, an alternative to Verizon’s app-based affordable mobile operator, seems to have canceled the user’s account instead of denying access to the promotion. This news is Number of appear client He posted complaints on Twitter and Reddit, claiming that their service was canceled without explanation, as originally reported. Best MVNO (via XDA developer).

“Visible has identified a set of accounts that have been illegally established and violate our promotional terms,” ​​Visible spokeswoman Lindsey Cohen said in an email. The Verge.. “We have closed these accounts, but we have been contacted by a customer who has been asked to confirm their decision.”


Visible’s “$ 22 Wireless for Two Months” Promotion
Image: Visible

As Best MVNO Point out that seemingly random account cancellations may have something to do with Visible’s 2FOR22 promotion, Offers a two-month service for $ 22 instead of the usual $ 40 per month.Included in the promotion Gift card worth up to $ 200 If you have purchased an eligible device and will continue to serve it for at least 3 months.

The promotion terms and conditions state that the company is for “new members,” but does not specify anything for existing customers. Under Visible’s terms, 2FOR22 transactions and $ 200 gift card promotions can only be applied once per account, detailing the potential consequences of misusing the offer.

If, in its sole discretion, Visible determines that a member has been abused, misused, or engaged in a game in connection with this offer, or if it determines that a member intends to do so, Visible will remove the member from this promotion. We reserve the right to disqualify.

As outlined in user complaints, some are new to Visible and some have been customers for years, but all users’ accounts and phone numbers have been the meantime 1 user I had no luck trying to restore my account through Visible’s customer service. Another customerSwitched from mint just a few weeks ago, says he was able to reestablish his account.

The promotional terms that a customer may have violated are not yet clear. Perhaps an existing or repeater tried to take advantage of these transactions, but Visible interpreted this as a policy violation. Visible may have flagged your account because another customer tried to apply for a promotion multiple times.

In any case, Visible should have been able to handle it better. Whether illegal or not, Visible activated the account and first ported the number. Sudden termination of service is a drastic measure that has a significant impact on customers, without seemingly warning.

“Our goal is to provide promotions and services to legitimate members, so we will review these escalations and restore services as needed,” Cohen added.

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