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It’s been two years COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) Close the world, isolate people, and Part of a permanently changing society.. Since March 2020, highly effective vaccines and boosters have been made publicly available, making great strides and thankfully reducing COVID cases. But virus experts are still unanimous to be outside the forest. “We are looking to a future where Americans are no longer afraid of blockades, closures, and children not going to school.” The White House says.. “The future is for the country to rely on the strong protection layers we have built and invest in next-generation tools to stay ahead of the virus.” Experts say this could happen next. Is to be.Read on — and don’t miss these to ensure your health and the health of others A sure sign that you already had a COVID..

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Virus experts believe that COVID-19 will stay here and will eventually be treated like the flu. “I think this is endemic and I think it’s a lot like seasonal flu, but we’ll have some good medicines to treat. Our immunity is boosted, especially when it’s advanced, You’ll get a booster like once a year, as in the case of the flu, which will be part of the background landscape we live in. ” Dr. Thomas Unnash, a prominent USF Health professor, says..

Studies say these COVID symptoms will make your daily life impossible

COVID fatigue is realHowever, it is also dangerous and can lead people to ignore public health guidance. “People are fed up with public health intervention.” Dr. Andrew Budley says, Chair of the Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Research Task Force. “Masking and social distance and hand washing, and don’t go to crowded environments. Some people are making it less and less, and I think it’s contributing to the spread … we’ll be severe for the next few years I think I’ll meet a patient with COVID disease. “

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Getting the latest information on vaccines and boosters will continue to be important in the near future, especially as new variants will inevitably emerge. “Your immune system is like a soccer team.” Panagis Galiatsatos, MD says, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Pulmonologist and Critical Care Center. “You’ve been practicing all week, but you don’t know exactly what you’re going to play on Sunday. Even the strongest players don’t know how well they can compete against a team they’ve never seen before. A Vaccine is your football We will provide the team with an opponent’s playbook, so you will be there and be more effective. “

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The general public should not be surprised if there is a wave of COVID that requires compulsory masking and the return of vaccination rules. “We had a big wave in the South, and this summer I’m expecting another wave” sDr. Peter Hotez, co-director of the Vaccine Development Center at the Texas Children’s Hospital, says. “And if not, we should expect another wave in the winter. We don’t think this is over, so what’s the expected guidance to inform the American people, we Don’t be surprised if you have to go back to red? “

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The growing consensus among experts is that COVID-19 has no end and must adapt to “new normal”. “We need to shift to the idea of ​​how to co-exist with this virus, rather than being able to eliminate it altogether.” Dr. Timothy Brewer says, Professor of Epidemiology at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. “Therefore, from a health, economic and social turmoil perspective, I think we need to move to a mode that minimizes the effects of the virus. We are aware that this virus exists.”

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Follow the basics of public health and help end this pandemic no matter where you live. Get vaccinated or boosted as soon as possible.If you live in an area with low vaccination rates, wear N95 Face maskDo not travel, social distance, avoid crowds, do not go indoors with people you have not evacuated (especially at bars), practice good hand hygiene, and To protect your life and the lives of others, please do not access any of these 35 locations most likely to be infected with COVID..

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