Ukrainian gov’t calls for game companies to cut off Russia during invasion [Updated]

Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, will speak at a press conference in December 2021.
expansion / / Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, will speak at a press conference in December 2021.

Update (March 3rd): Polish CD Projekt Red Announced this morning “We have decided to stop selling all games to Russia and Belarus.” This includes physical distribution of games published on CDPR and all digital sales on the popular GOG platform. As the company has made clear, previous purchases by Russian and Belarusian players will continue to be available. Follow-up tweets..

“The entire CD Projekt group stands firmly with the Ukrainian people,” the company writes. “We are not eager to become one, not a political entity that can directly influence the problems of the nation, but when the commercial entities unite, the earth in the hearts and minds of the general public. We believe that it has the power to bring about scale change. We know that Russian and Belarusian players who have nothing to do with the Ukrainian invasion will be affected by this decision, but this action makes us global. Further revitalize the community, Europe. “

of Investor notes The CDPR, released with the decision, states that Russian and Belarus customers accounted for 5.4% and 3.7% of the company’s sales over the last 12 months, respectively.


Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation in Ukraine, has publicly called on “all game developers” to “temporarily block all Russian and Bello Russian accounts.” Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine..

of Tweets from his confirmed accountFedorov also called on the eSports platform to “temporarily suspend participation of Russian and Belarusian teams and gamers in all international esports events and cancel all ongoing international events. [sic] In the territory of Russia and Belarus. “

Fedorov suggests that these moves “motivate Russian citizens to proactively stop the disgraceful military aggression” by the Kremlin. “In 2022, the latest technology for tanks, multiple rocket launchers and missiles is probably the best answer.”

In an additional note directed to Twitter accounts on the Xbox and PlayStation, Fedorov wrote: [leave] Russian market! ” Follow-up tweets, Fedorov also asked Riot Games, EA, Ubisoft, Gameloft, and Wargaming to “close their Russian offices” in solidarity with Ukraine. “There is no place for [an] Invaders of the Global Technology Map! “

Representatives from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Valve were unable to immediately respond to requests for comment. I’ll update this article if I hear anything from the companies included in Fedorov’s request.

Does support lead to action?

Public calls to the gaming industry occur when governments and businesses around the world are responding to aggression by sanctioning Russia and taking important steps to deprive its economy.Many western governments Ban on export of most technical products to Russia And it has significantly separated Russian banks from the global financial system. Apple Stopped selling the product in Russia Have Cut off licensed Russian banks From the Apple Pay service.Fedorov too Asked Apple The company hasn’t done so yet to ban Russians from accessing the iOS App Store.

International Game Developers Association Publicly condemned the aggression It called it a “terrible violation of international law” and called on its members to “condemn the violent actions taken against Ukraine.” According to, more than 400 gaming companies have Ukrainian offices and represent 30,000 Ukrainian employees. Ukraine Game Industry Report IGDA State From January.

IGDA’s Ukrainian Gaming Industry Status Report.

Video game companies including Bungee, CD Projekt Red, 11 bit studio ((((This war of mine), GSC Game World ((((Stalker), When Digital Extremes ((((Warframe) Publicly promised to donate some of their interests to Ukrainian rescue efforts and urged others to do the same. Necrosoft Games Brandon Shefield Organizing Indie Game Bundles Raise funds for an international relief charity operating in Ukraine.

However, few video game companies have taken the more extreme steps proposed by Fedorov to ban Russian customers altogether.Ukraine-based game NFT Marketplace Dmarket Main exceptionsBecause I broke the relationship with users in Russia and Belarus on the weekend.

Esports mess

In the world of traditional sports, organizations such as the International Olympic Committee and FIFA are already Ban Russians from international competitions And canceled the event planned for the country.

In esports, the Danish League BLAST Premier Prohibition of Russian team participation At the “Foreseeable Future” event, I canceled a qualifying tournament that I felt was “not appropriate at this time”.Riot Games too Postponed Brave Champions Tour Event In EMEA “The top priority is to help athletes, casters, staff and fans affected by the growing crisis in Ukraine,” the region said.

On the other hand, Intel Decided to host Its attention-grabbing Extreme Masters Katowice event planned in nearby Poland while “carefully monitoring the situation in Ukraine”.Ukrainian Counter strike Pro Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev I used an interview at that event That “emphasize e-sports[s] Out of politics[s].. You have nothing to do with government decisions. “

However, he added, “We all want peace for Ukraine.” [the] the whole world.All of us [are] I was scared.All of us need to show [an] Example of this tournament [the] the whole world. We all need to be human first. “

Later Costiliev Announced on Instagram He donated 1,000,000 Ukrainian hryvnia (about $ 33,000) to the Ukrainian army.

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