Types of Anxiety Disorders in Children


Children and teenagers may suffer from more than one type of anxiety condition. If your kid’s worrying too much, can’t seem to focus, or gets upset very easily, he or she may be suffering from anxiety.

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Types of Anxiety Disorders in Children that you should know!

Disorder of Pervasive Anxiety

The persistent, excessive, and unfounded anxieties that characterise children and adolescents with generalised anxiety disorder are not directed towards any one object or scenario. A youngster may have extreme anxiety due to concerns about their academic or athletic performance, their own or their family’s safety, or the possibility of natural disasters.

Children suffering from generalised anxiety disorder have difficulty turning off their worrying, which impacts their ability to focus, learn, and socialise socially. Some kids may need reassurance while others may become self-aware but doubt themselves or worry too much about what others think of them. School-age children and teenagers are particularly susceptible to this form of anxiety disorder.

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Children with OCD experience obsessions, which are repetitive, unwelcome thoughts. They engage in compulsions, which are defined as rituals, routines, or acts repeated in an effort to calm the anxiety brought on by intrusive thoughts. Some examples of compulsions are the need to repeatedly wash oneself, count, or organise objects, or read a specific portion of text.

OCD affects children and young adults at any age; it often manifests itself during early and middle adolescence (ages 8-12), late adolescents and young adults.

Anxiety Disorder

Some kids and teens get panic attacks because they get really uncomfortable or scared in certain places or situations. Tingling sensations, chest pain, and rapid heartbeat are all possible symptoms.

A panic episode can be the result of extreme worry, but a child with panic disorder may experience these symptoms for no apparent reason. Anxiety attacks can have a much more significant impact on a child’s life than the occasional, moderate anxieties that kids commonly encounter. A child’s mind might easily become consumed by fear of further violence. Adolescence is a common time for the onset of panic disorder, while it can begin at any age and even run in families.

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Specific Phobias

Fortunately, most kids eventually grow out of their fears. However, some kids and teens experience extreme anxiety. An extreme, irrational fear of a particular object or scenario is known as a phobia if it persists for a long period of time.

In contrast to more rational worries, phobias do not lessen with reassurance and can significantly impact a child’s daily functioning. Phobias can emerge as early as the fifth year of life. Animals, insects, heights, thunder, vehicles, dentists, doctors and lifts are prominent triggers for those with specific phobias.

Social Phobia

Intense concern about being judged or ridiculed by others defines social phobia, often called social anxiety disorder. 

Children and teenagers with social phobia have extreme anxiety in a wide variety of social circumstances, including public speaking, classroom participation, interacting with adults or peers, initiating or participating in discussions, and even eating in public. 

They may have trouble interacting with new people and forming friends as a result. The effects of social anxiety can be managed by avoiding triggers. While some young people may be shy in social situations, others may shine in the classroom or on the job.

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