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Toy Theater offers instructive math, proficiency, and workmanship exercises and games. We started in 2001 and have developed to north of 1,000,000 clients each year. Zeroed in on early students, educators trust our site to give protected and viable instructive substance. Our website is likewise completely free, giving open web based learning devices to educators all over the planet.

Statement of purpose

Our main goal is to add to training by offering free, available, and great internet learning exercises.

Joel Gaspard, Organizer

Joel is a craftsman, creator and engineer, who utilizes intelligent media to track down better approaches to empower learning. Joel started Toy Theater with a longing to put his craft to use past the happiness he got from making. He has transformed this straightforward thought into a site utilized in many study halls all over the planet for very nearly twenty years. He is continually portraying, making, thinking, learning, and changing games and exercises on the site. Each choice is made with care to satisfy his central goal to give top notch instructive games.

Joel’s number one game is Ball since it coordinates a well known sport with a physical science motor to give the vibe of the real game in 2D. It likewise integrates the change from expansion to augmentation by permitting children to utilize either strategy to address the inquiries and utilizations the b-ball game analogy of distance rises to additional places. (Likewise, he’s been an unwavering Boston Celtics fan since Larry Bird possessed the court. Practice environmental awareness!)

An alum from Ringling School of Craftsmanship and Plan, Peter has filled in as a visual creator/workmanship chief/artist for a very long time. Work: Beast Veils, Greek Folklore Portfolio:

Ben KG

Ben is an independent artist and illustrator. Work: Example, Number Example, Shape Example, Memory, Moves, B-ball, Hitter, Quarterback, Sinkhole, Wind, Bingo, Kayak, Duplicate Race, Bug Catcher, Skip Count Race, Rancher, Find, Word View as 1, Word See as 3, Word Find 5 Portfolio:

Bobb Klissourski

Bobb Klissourski is a visual artist and independent artist. who has around 20 years experience as a 2D illustrator and as a comic book craftsman. He loves to delineate for youngsters. Work: Word Find 2 Portfolio:

Boggart Owl

Boggart Owl is an independent artist situated in Russia. She appreciates drawing creatures, pictures and comics, additionally having 2D movement and linocut printing for side interests. Work: Word View as 4, Word See as 6, The number of Portfolio:

Sergey Kostik

Sergey Kostik is independent artist from Russia. He is making craftsmanship for games, doing delineations and livelinesss. He figured out how to do pixel expressions from demoscene local area and early PC frameworks like ZX-Range and Amiga. Leisure activity became proficient profession and presently he never stops to learn and look for the new imaginative thoughts and artistic expressions. Work: Construct Portfolio:

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