Top AI Apps That You Must Not Miss: 2023 Update


Technology is rapidly developing and we are looking over unimagine trends becoming more than the norms for today and the upcoming future. The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since forever. Be it in popular media as dystopian technology or as an emerging system that could change our lives for the better good. 

Be it any way, one thing is clear, and that is the fact that AI is here to stay. For businesses and consumers alike, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect and see how their growth can progress with the help of artificial intelligence. Any experienced mobile app development company in Houston can build you the right app that you want.

The stats show us that only 40% of businesses and enterprises look over an AI strategy and even fewer fully implement it. But here’s the surprising bit and good news – the global AI software market is still projected to be worth around $62 billion and even more than that as the years progress and everyone starts to fully understand the technology. 

The pandemic showed us how dependent we are on smartphones and the apps we use are integral to us sustaining our daily lives. Let us explain. An app that is programmed through AI and understands consumer behavior would be able to analyze their requirements and deliver much more quickly.

It is a completely different landscape and right now is the perfect time to tap into the industry and mark your foot. Let’s take a look at the most popular AI apps right now.

Top 3 AI Apps

You should take note of the apps we are going to mention and reflect on your business strategy accordingly. Learn from the best and see how development stages take place and what each app stands for, what makes them special.

Once you develop a market overview and know what apps look like, it will be easy to create your own blueprint and start away with an app that fully integrates artificial intelligence. Let’s start. 

  1. Siri

The first app on our list is the standard AI assistant app from Apple that needs no such introduction. The concept of Siri has been around since the 1990s but it was only in 2011 when Apple decided to officially introduce the app. Over the past decade, at every conference, and with every major update, we have seen Siri evolve into something entirely new. 

Siri looks over an Apple user, understands what they are saying, and delivers results through the help of the AI algorithm. There were complaints of inaccuracy in the past but AI has come a long way and a mobile app developer in New York for Apple does understand how to integrate Siri with the best AI has to offer. 

Right now, Siri is one of the go-to apps for Apple users and acts as a literal assistant. With thousands of favorable reviews, voice queries are quickly answered nowadays and Siri keeps getting more intelligent. 

It will not take long for the app to become almost human-like with the way AI is progressing. Keep an eye out for the next major update. 

  1. Socratic by Google

Beyond assistant apps, artificial intelligence is even going to the classroom now. Socratic is an app powered by Google that is built completely on AI and aims to educate children and help them with their homework. Socratic is even designed for high school and college students, targeting a massive audience and impacting millions of lives. 

With Google playing a part and the developments in artificial intelligence these days, the app continues to progress and helps students solve the most complex problems, be it any subject. Students can direct their query through voice chat and text, Socratic responds almost instantly with multiple solutions. 

And students can even simply scan a picture through their phone and Socratic will generate answers on the go. It is an app that understands inclusivity and includes multiple ways to talk for students, enabling students who need visual aid to easily use the app. 

So far, the app has had over 10 million downloads on the Play Store and as it is powered by Google AI, the customer support is always there and updates are frequent. 

  1. FaceApp: Face Editor

Last on our list is the viral AI-powered image editing tool called FaceApp. The title clearly gives away what the digital product stands for and honestly, we understand the hype. 

FaceApp provides a hilarious new perspective on the potential of AI technology being used in apps and moving forward, with a hundred million downloads already, we believe that more apps will pop up and be part of the bigger ecosystem. An expert Flutter app development company and with multiple services can easily incorporate or provide the right solution that the clients need.

FaceApp is slowly changing how we look at photography and editing as a whole. With the help of AI, the results are almost life-like. Better than anything we have seen before. 

FaceApp allows users to take a photo or upload one from their gallery and make unimagine changes to their face. Add a beard, change complexity, remove acne, tone down the makeup, and much more. Plus, AI lets users see what they will look like when they are older. 

Over to You

And this is where we would like to conclude and talk about your business development prospects. You can notice that the three apps we mentioned are completely different from the other and offer completely unique insights to users. There is a diversity when it comes to AI-integrated apps. You can find usage of AI in the most crucial apps like a healthcare app or a transport-based application. And even in the most ordinary cases such as a photo editing app. 

Look over different categories and observe where customized software development services are moving towards. Are they willing to take your project and offer an AI-supported solution? Do they understand what AI means? Are they willing to deliver an extensive solution? Ask questions like these before partnering up with an app development firm. 

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