Top 5 multi-currency wallets


We will not repeat ourselves, reminding you that it is impossible to do without a crypto wallet in the crypto world. Now on the network you can download, buy or create a vault for coins with almost any functionality. The main requirement is that it must be sufficiently reliable.

The easiest way to get a crypto wallet is to register on any exchange, such as Binance, Gemini, OKEx and the list goes on. Cryptocurrency account is opened automatically. The client of the exchange can exchange ADA to BTC or any other coins that the exchange supports without worrying about organizing the storage of assets. However, when it comes to large amounts, you should consider an offline wallet.

It is important enough to imagine that your coins are not in the wallet. They remain on the blockchain, a wallet is needed to access them.

Desktop, mobile, cloud, hardware – there are many options. But if you plan to store more than one type of coins, you need a multi-currency wallet. It can be hot (always connected to the Internet) or cold.

Actually, no one said that the wallet should be the only one. You can have multiple wallets for different purposes. For example, it is safer to store large amounts in a hardware device, but still conduct active trading from an account in a profile on an exchange.


A desktop program with a user-friendly interface, compatible with major operating systems. It also has a mobile version for Android devices. The desktop version has a backup function. In addition, the program can be used in conjunction with hardware devices from the Trezor model line or its main competitor Ledger.

Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and dozens of other popular cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the built-in exchange function, for some transactions you do not even have to use the services of exchanges. Please note that blockchain fees are not going anywhere. The program automatically calculates the amount of commission that guarantees fast processing of the transaction. The more loaded the network, the higher the payments.

The safety of storing coins depends on the degree of security of the device on which the program is installed.


This is a mobile application for storing cryptocurrencies. Its capabilities are somewhat more modest – Edge supports a little more than 20 coins. However, if you really need to add a coin in excess of the standard list, you can contact the administration and solve this problem.

The functionality of the program is designed to attract new cryptocurrency users. Getting into the TOP already indirectly indicates a high level of security, but these are not all the advantages of Edge.

It implements the possibility of direct purchase of crypto from a bank card, as well as a built-in exchanger. Of course, its capabilities are limited and it can sometimes be more profitable to convert BCN to BTC on LetsExchange or another site.

There are no browser and desktop versions of the program.

Ledger Nano

A compact device with an installed program for storing keys without a permanent connection to the Internet. The number of supported cryptocurrencies exceeds 1000 and differs markedly in different models. In the earlier budget version, a maximum of three assets can be stored at the same time – there is not enough memory for more. Ledger devices can be shared with software vaults

All hardware storage is classified as cold storage. To complete any transaction, the wallet is connected to a desktop or mobile device via Bluetooth or USB-C.

Atomic Wallet

Cross-platform wallet available in mobile and desktop versions, compatible with all operating systems. It supports about 300 types of cryptocurrencies, has a built-in exchanger, a staking protocol and a terminal for buying cryptocurrencies.

Accepts 19 sovereign fiat currencies. In addition, users can join the membership program and receive cashback in AWC – the system’s own tokens.

Trust Wallet

The program is designed for mobile devices on iOS and Android. It supports about 160 cryptocurrencies, has a built-in staking protocol and a Web3 browser for accessing decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain, including the Kyber Network (DEX) decentralized crypto exchange.

This is a small part of all currently existing multi-currency wallets. The list presented is not the ultimate truth and it is possible that you will choose a different solution.

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