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Performer John Schneider has formed a film about American characteristics and zeroed in on why he acknowledges Hollywood wouldn’t make it.

The “Dukes of Hazzard” star talked with Newsmax about his film named, “To Fail miserably For.”

Right when seen whether it was sensible to expect Hollywood wouldn’t contact the strong of American film, Schneider replied, “Goodness my golly. They wouldn’t spend any money to encourage it. They totally wouldn’t film it, they wouldn’t suitable it, yet my soul mate and I are fiercely and gladly independent.”

He continued, “along these lines, we make our own substance. We moreover fitting our own substance.”

According to Schneider, they are “going all in.”


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He added, “If this film doesn’t work, we lose everything, aside from we’ve always been there. You know, I acknowledge, if you’re not in without any reservations, you’re out.

On what spiced up him to make this film, Schneider got a handle on, “I read a story about a year earlier about an obliging individual who tested a controlling solicitation that said he couldn’t drive inside 300 yards of a close by optional school with the American standard on the back of his truck, but he did it in any event, he went to jail.”

Will you watch the film?

Additionally, that is what schneider battled “people are hesitant to go [against society woke nonsense]. I don’t get a handle on that. I neglect to see the motivation behind why conservatives are reluctant concerning this. My conviction is that you should be pushed so far, and they have pushed us up until this point that we should totally finish something.”

The film will be open to stream on Thursday.

The film’s site has given a counsel saying it is “emphatically energetic. Expecting positive energy and love of country attack you in any way… watch this film… then, move somewhere else.”

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