Tips to Create Different Styles of Gaming Videos for YouTube


Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the most popular genre on YouTube – gaming! You’ll learn about different video types and what goes into making them. 

Gaming is a massive genre on YouTube. And chances are you’re already following some cool YouTubers that record walkthroughs, game progress, or useful tips on how to nail this or that level and share their fun and mega captivating clips with loyal fans on a regular basis. Want to learn more about simple game editing tips and empower your inner video creator? Let’s dive straight into the most common types of gaming videos and learn more about how you can spruce up your gaming content. 

Simple Game Clips

A lot of newcomers start out just recording clips of the gameplay and posting them. Sometimes, these clips are things of educational nature, and other times, they are just really funny and entertaining. Most modern consoles even allow you to record for quite short periods without any additional hardware. If there are slow parts in the clip before or after the important moment you want to showcase in your video, you might want to trim it at the beginning or the end to address the problem. What’s great about gaming video clips is that they don’t normally require sophisticated editing tools. All you need to do is record for a short period of time and then share your work on YouTube. 

Longer Game Recordings

If you want to record an entire gaming session and not just a short clip, you’ll need some dedicated equipment and software like a gaming capture card and screen-recording software. (There are other editing tools that might come in handy. So, make sure to check this link before jumping into the process!) You’ll need to plug in your capture card to your favorite device like MacBook or iPad and fire up a recording app of your choice. You can go for professional paid software for eye-catching and truly inspiring videos or just avail yourself of free open-source recording software to record cool footage from your console or any other gaming device. You might want to post your new recording without any editing at all or watch it back and cut out the parts with less action. 

Let’s Play Videos

Are Let's Play Videos Hurting Indie Game Developers? | Digital Trends

Let’s-plays are among the most popular videos on YouTube. And you know that very well, of course. Still, this type of video is also considered the hardest to do well. The gamers who are successful in shooting this type of video are usually famous personalities that tend to deliver thoughtful or hilarious commentaries or whose reactions are crazy over the top. 

To put together an effective let’s-play video, you will need the same tools as before for recording your game footage. So, grab your capture card and have your screen-recording software at the ready. Also, don’t forget about a microphone and potentially a camera to record yourself. Some gamers choose to appear on camera, while others prefer not to show themselves. For the best result, set your camera to record the same frame rate as your games. Usually, this will be 60 frames per second. 

It’s also popular for gamers to record facecam footage in front of a green screen. You can make the green screen transparent and have yourself appear only on screen. A good many streamers like to stream on Twitch so that they can interact with their audience and then they post edited versions of their streams on YouTube. For longer videos, you may want to edit out things like lengthy conversations with your audience or things that are not relevant for the people who are watching on YouTube. 

Some gamers who turn their live streams into full-blown edited videos might create effective compilations like reaction videos instead of posting an entire gameplay. 

Montage Videos

Montage videos usually have the most editing. A well-done montage often looks like a super sleek and polished music video constructed out of gameplay footage. A montage will normally feature your victories or other distinguished in-game achievements.

So, if you have a bunch of clips commemorating your leveling up or defeating legendary bosses in some battles, go and assemble them in a single effective video. Depending on the software you’re using, you can spruce up your video with cool velocity effects, creative transitions, animations, audio and video effects, and much more.

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