Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: The Final Preview


I don’t know why Borderlands 3 wasn’t clicked on by me, but other than its great extensions, I wasn’t crazy about the world. I didn’t have a chance to play Tiny Tina for a few hours Wonderlands I think I’ve revealed my feelings about the last numbered entry in the series. The stakes felt too high and often conflicted with the humor known in Borderlands. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, on the other hand, is a pure fantasy in one or more respects.

The story is completely self-contained, so I didn’t get any of the dissonance I felt from Borderlands 3 while playing the quest provided in the 4-hour preview. Borderlands: Invest in your story and guide you on the path to more loot and ridiculous enemy battles. I was really excited about the creative flex that the Gearbox team can do within the self-contained Wonderlands Universe. By connecting with the Borderlands series, you can feel the friendliness without feeling old. In other words, as far as Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is concerned, I’m pretty optimistic about the final product, even if I come across some Borderlands staples that I don’t like.

Finally fantasy

Borderlands have always had RPG roots, so it’s really great to see the Gearbox team all-in with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. If you haven’t paid attention to the IGN First article, there are brief instructions to help you decide your direction. Pandora’s most popular tabletop RPG, Bunkers and Badasses, is back with everyone’s favorite BM (Bunker Master, what do you think). meaning? ) Take control. You are a Fatemaker and have a mission to prevent the evil Dragonlord from doing his evil Dragonlord. The latest preview dropped me at the beginning of a quest to free a group of goblins from the oppressive bindings of supervisors within the ore mine. Sounds pretty serious, but believe me. It is Borderlands distilled through a Tiny Tina filter. It’s stupid and easygoing, not super-serious and dark.

The most pleasing part of the Borderlands environment is here, with new fantasy refurbishments.


Immediately, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands feels like Skyrim’s Borderlands. With gorgeous green grass swaying in the breeze, I started from the edge of a huge mountain ridge. These grasslands quickly give way to rocky mountains inhabited by wyverns and other fantastic territory creatures that spit out elements. I really liked the way it felt new as well as being immediately familiar. The most comfortable part of the Borderlands environment, that is, how to leave a room that not only branches to guide you, but also wiggles enough to discover one or two breasts hidden behind the scenes. Is here and is given a new fantasy facelift. I played a part that gave the atmosphere of a unique Caustic Caverns, one of Borderlands 2’s favorite areas, but it didn’t feel derivative. While tickling the nostalgic glands a little, it felt like its own.

Aesthetically, the gearbox really knocked it out of the park at Wonderlands. I think it’s the best looking Borderlands game ever. The environment feels really alive, and even the darkest, darkest caves are lively about them. The audio design is also pretty good. As I was exploring the ground, I couldn’t help but notice the chirping of birds. Well, after blowing off some waves of bunker and badass, I heard them. But as they all died and the loot gathered, I heard the subtle cry of birds in the alpine village.

In the extended preview of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, we released the aforementioned goblins. We also used a laptrap whose appearance was adjusted to match Tiny Tina’s vision of what the robot would look like in a fantasy world. I definitely enjoyed advancing the quest, but they … feel familiar. The classic Borderlands quest formula of moving to point A, defeating bad guys, smashing or shooting or plundering quest items, moving to point B and repeating until the end of the quest is in the preview I played. I have.

I’m happy to say that the quest is progressing at a good pace, but what made me uncomfortable with Borderlands 3 was that each part of the quest tended to get stuck in descriptive dialogue. The dialogue here is interesting and actually fits very well into the concept of tabletop RPGs. For example, game mate Valentine wonders why they aren’t just stealing the magical items they are tasked with collecting. Meanwhile, another member of the party, Frette, reminds Valentine of how role-playing heroes behave. This little conversation, which lasts less than a minute, helped to nail the feeling of playing the game in-game.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands-Screenshots of spells (IGN First)

The mechanics of Wonderlands are solid and built on proven Borderlands formulas, and their pedigree is undeniable. I’m afraid that the quest may feel a bit arbitrarily split, but the small touch of having Tina run a tabletop game is practically more than if there were no double layer of the game in the game. Makes you feel. I am very interested in how the final game will be shaped.

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