Tiffany Moss Crime Let’s Know About More Information!

Tiffany Moss Crime

The article about Tiffany Moss Crime provided all the information about the brutal assassination investigation.

Are you familiar with the story that involved Tiffany Moss? Do you want to know details about the case? Then, in this piece Tiffany Moss Crime ,we will look at the details as well as recent news about the case. People in all over the United States were stunned when the story first emerged in 2013. Take the time to read the article in order to learn the details of this particular case.

New Updates to Tiffany Moss Case!

On Tuesday, Gwinnett County jury has handed down a death sentence for Tiffany Moss, a 40-year-old woman. Tiffany is found guilty of murdering her stepdaughter Emani Moss, by eating her to death. Emani was a 10-year-old girl who was physically attacked by the stepmother of her. Her death occurred on October 28, 2013, a year after her death. After 9 years since her demise, the courts imposed punishment to the person who committed the crime who is still alive..

Tiffany Nicole Moss is sentenced to death, while Eman Giovanni Moss was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Moss was found to be guilty of all charges but hasn’t displayed any emotion of regret or regret.

Case Details

Eman was uninformed about her child and how she received from her stepmother since she wasn’t home. In the statement, he claimed that he spotted his daughter lying in the bathtub shaking; he took her out, laid them on the floor and attempted to feed her, but failed. Soon after, Emani died of starvation and Autopsy photographs indicated that she weighed only 15 pounds.

A cover-up for the Assassination

Although Tiffany deliberately put her body in a coma and starved Emani to death She and her husband attempted to conceal the murder and then made the decision to criminalize the body. They placed her body into a garbage bag and tried to burn her body in a safe location. Following all this, Eman went to work one day and spoke to his wife about his daughter’s death. According to the advice of his friend, Eman notified the police of Emani’s death. He attempted to conceal the murder by telling police that she had consumed a harmful chemical and that he was planning to burn her body. In the meantime, Tiffany fled with her children. The real story of Tiffany Moss Crimecame out shortly after an autopsy on the deceased body that was discovered close to their home.


The article has outlined all the important details regarding the murder of a ten year old child by the stepmother of her. Tiffany Moss (stepmother) staved Emani to death. The death occurred on the 28th of October 2013 and the couple attempted to conceal the crime following the fact. On Tuesday the court handed down the death penalty for Tiffany Moss and life imprisonment without parole to Eman Moss. For more details, click here.

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