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Tiantian Kullander is a Hong Kong-based entrepreneur and crypto personality. The Amber Group, a Hong Kong-based company that sells digital assets, is his most famous accomplishment. He also founded Rook Labs. For more information on his net worth and death causes, age and wife, height and weight, and other family details, you can read the entire article.

Who was Tiantian Kulllander?

Tiantian Kullander was a co-founder and CEO of Amber Group cryptocurrency. He died suddenly at thirty. His company posted the news along with additional information about his sudden passing on November 23 while he was still sleeping on its website.

Tiantian Kullander founded the Amber Group, along with a few financial experts from Morgan Stanley Group or Goldman Sachs Group. He was previously a trader for the mentioned companies.

Tiantian Kullander Wikipedia Details:

  • Real Name: Tiantian Z. Kullander
  • Nickname: TT
  • Profession: Entrepreneur, crypto personality
  • Age: 30
  • Date of birth: 1992
  • Hong Kong is the birthplace
  • Nationality:
  • Religion: Christianity
  • College: Durham University
  • Hobbies: Traveling
  • Height: 5 Feet 9 inches
  • Weight: 68kg

Death at Tiantian Kulllander

Healthy living can help us live longer. Because of their busy lives and jobs, this is not possible for everyone. Our bodies get less mobile as we age so it is more important to maintain our health. There are many reasons that someone could die. These can be due to suicide, accidents, or other health problems. Children can have multiple illnesses, which is quite shocking.

Many celebrities have recently died for different reasons. Tiantian Kullander is one of these celebrities. He was also the cofounder of Amber Group. He was a very successful person who rose in fame throughout his career.

Tiantian Kullander Career

He spoke about his career, and mentioned that Amber Group was among his co-founders. It would be difficult for many people to succeed in their chosen field. It is important that you are hardworking and positive.

It’s possible that Tiantiankulllander was difficult to work with during his career. Tiantian Kulllander’s memory will live on long after their passing.

Net Worth of Tiantian Kulllander

Tiantian Kullander founded Amber Group. At the time of his death, he was only thirty-years-old. According to the block, Tiantian Kullander Networth was $3 billion. He died November 23, 2022.


Amber officially announced the Kullandar news. Amber made the official announcement about Kullandar. His family has yet to make an official statement. Some of his ideas can be found here.

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