The Quickest, Easiest Foods to Eat for Long-Lasting Energy


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When you are exhausted, paying attention to nutrition may seem almost impossible. But the food we eat plays an important role in helping us maintain our energy levels.

“When you’re tired, you’ll want sugar carbohydrates such as desserts and processed snacks, because eating these foods releases serotonin,” he said. Natalie Rizzo, A New York-based registered dietitian working with athletes. “Reaching for sweet foods when you’re tired may make you feel better in the short term, but it will eventually lead to an energy crash.”

The fastest and easiest way to fuel your body with some of the best foods that can help you give you lasting energy when life is busy and your energy is starting to lag. Here are some of..

Foods with a low glycemic index help prevent lowering blood sugar levels

Your body uses rRefined carbs are fast (think Processed foods like Dessert, soda, And baked goods made of white flour). Sugar, also known as simple carbs, is contained in both Whole foods and processed foods. of in recent years,”Simple “ versus “complicated” Emphasis on carbohydrates, food Glycemic index, This is a measure of how fast your blood sugar changes. The higher the glycemic index of a food, the faster it affects blood sugar levels, which can adversely affect energy levels.Blood sugar crash Let me feel tired.

The big difference is fruit tYou will have a lower glycemic index than their high glycemic index-Processed counterpart, Despite having Equal amount of simple carbs. For example, a medium-sized apple Sugar 15g —Equivalent to a tablespoon of sugar —But unlike table sugar, apples The average glycemic index is only 40This means providing a much more stable and lasting energy boost.

“It’s best to avoid sugared foods when you’re exhausted, because these foods lead to a sharp rise in energy and then crash,” Rizzo said. “You will feel even more tired.”

Protein and fiber help you feel full longer

Protein does not affect blood sugar levels, but it can help you Feel full for a long time..The same is true fiber. Choose the minimum-processed food favorite Overall-Grain bread or oatmeal It’s a good phone..

Find “healthy” fat

Fat is essential to provide our body With energy.Generally speaking, you want Limit dietary saturated fatIts main sources come from animal sources such as: Beef, pork, full-fat dairy products. These can be part of a moderate amount of a healthy diet, but too much can have many negative effects on cardiovascular health.

instead of, Choose non-tropical plant-based fats like Olive oil, avocado, nuts, And seeds. These fat sources are high in healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in the heart.

Find almonds, walnuts and pecan nuts

“One serving of almonds yields 6g of natural plant-based protein, 4g of fiber, 13g of unsaturated fat, and 1g of saturated fat,” says Rizzo.In addition, almonds magnesiumHelps generate energy in the body and supports a healthy immune system.

Look for easy-to-eat fruits such as apples, bananas and oranges

Fruits provide simple carbs that can help energize you, but in a way that leads to more Step by step It helps prevent blood sugar levels from rising and later energy crashes. If you are already tired Get easy-to-eat fruits like apples and bananas. for more Protein, fiber, fat, addition peanut butter Or almond butter.

Do not underestimate oatmeal

Oatmeal is easy To cooking And have both The energy obtained from fiber and protein, that is, carbohydrates, lasts a long time. Avoid lowering your blood sugar. When I was a graduate student, I made my own oatmeal parcels. Put the fast-rolled oats in a plastic bag and cook in the microwave in the lunch room. For some additional flavors, Add frozen berries and nuts..

Have a sandwich of peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread

Peanut butter is a heart-healthy fat, protein, Whole grain bread contains fiber and protein, Is longer-Sustainable energy..

Mix yogurt and fruit

Mix plain yogurt with your fruit (Bananas, berries, Mango, or anything else you like) Gives you protein for satiety, along with long-lasting energy from fruits. One easy way to keep fruits on hand is to buy frozen foods...

Dip sliced ​​vegetables In hummus

Hummus A mixture of fiber and proteinVegetables have dietary fiber, Lots of extra nutrients.Choose pre-sliced ​​vegetables like bags to make things easier for yourself Assorted carrots or vegetables.

Enjoy cheese and whole grain crackers

This snack is as easy as taking string cheese out of the fridge. And eat it whole-Grain crackers from the pantry.Cheese Offer Some proteins, whole-Grain crackers provide fiber and carbs longer-Permanent energy.

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