The Must Haves for Shared Living


We all get to that point in our lives and relationships where we consider the next step or move in with our partners. It is arguably a little different to living with friends and family as there is a different level of compromise required. Here are a few tips to make this an easier process and a few important things to understand, If you’d like more information on garage storage be sure to check out Pinnacle Hardware.

A Change in Furniture May Be Required

We all have our favorite chairs for watching television and it’s best to understand from the get-go that this seat, no matter how comfortable, may not make the grade and will need to be relegated to the study, garage, or even retired. Plus, the same may go for some of your other favorite furniture. Some may be for practical reasons of size and their utility and some for aesthetics and the ‘shared vision’ for the space. There will also be a fair amount of DIY required as you change the furniture and upgrade spaces, some easier than others and erecting a headboard with minimal effort is possible, while the new recliners may need some assistance and more detailed guidance. Plan for these changes and the associated work that will be needed to make the spaces more livable and likeable for everyone in the home.

Joint Decisions. If You’re Lucky

One of the riskiest aspects of the shared space is the ability to make joint decisions, as both parties need to feel like they have genuine decision-making ability as to what the space will look like and how it will be maintained and kept in this fashion. No one wants to spend their time in a room with artwork or a feature wall that they don’t like.

Neutral Colors to Suit Both Tastes and Preferences

If you love color in the home and have some very specific preferences, then you will need to either tone these down or have the ability to convince the other party that your colors are the way to go. The alternative that also seems to work for most people out there is to just settle for the simple – keep the color scheme simple and neutral, but not boring. Small accents of color work well and will provide you with the little personal touches that make it feel like home.

Compromise, Compromise, Compromise

If you intend to move in with someone else and the idea is to live together, the first compromise will be in choosing where this shared living will be. One or both of you will have to move out of your current accommodation and agree on where to live together. Once you’ve made this decision, the only way shared living can work from a practical point of view will be to accept compromise and use it to make decisions as to how you would like to live and will be the best steps to success that you can take.

Shared living can be a tricky experience in that you never genuinely know if you will manage to live together until you have moved in together. The tips mentioned herein will go a long way to making the initial experience more manageable.

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