Tareas De .Com Is This Website Legit Or Scam?

Tareas De Com

Discover exclusive details that are not available elsewhere on Tareas de .com A website that has an impressive trust index, however it redirects users to fake sites.

Do you want to the import of educational materials and coloring apps for children? Instead of using a PC mobile applications make it simple for all users to download apps for children. TareasDe.com is a well-known website that is popular in PeruMexico as well as Colombia.

Do you know the services TareasDe offers? Are you aware if TareasDe is a legitimate website? Let’s look over all the facts to find out the authenticity of Tareas de .com.

about TareasDe .com:

TareasDe is a dependable web hosting service that allows you to import modified (MOD) games and applications. It also functions as a reference point, providing educational information. TareasDe contained links from more than 250 games and apps.

In the mission of TareasDe stated that users can discover applications that can help solve mathematical issues. There are several apps that deal with maths However, most of them have tutorials to help users with coloring applications based on themes.

Under the banner of games numerous knowledge-based and geographic applications were added. In addition, the majority of apps are related to apps like App Para Hacer Tareas (homework apps) and children.

TareasDe redirects visitors towards victorraulrr.info and apkavi.com to download .apk documents for Android games and apps. Thus, apps that are that are related to other mobile apps including iOS, Windows mobile OS, Etc., were not available on TareasDe.

Victorraulrr.info and apkavi.com provided .apk documents with a compression .zip format that could be loaded into a one file.

The characteristics that are available on TareasDe.com:

TareasDe.com was created on the 29th of April, 2017 located in Denver, CO, USA. It’s a five-year nine months, 13 days, and five years old website. TareasDe is last modified on the 28th of April in 2022 and indicates business continuity. Tareasde .Com will expire within 2 months and 20 days from the date of 29th April 2023.

TareasDe employed paid services from Domain Protection Services Inc to conceal its identity as well as contact information of the owners. Additionally, TareasDe did not mention its terms of use cookies policy, cookie policy and contact details for customer service Privacy policy as well as FAQs and physical address.

The validity of TareasDe.com:

Since TareasDe.com does not offer products or services such as returns, exchanges or refunds are not allowed. Therefore, TareasDe.com gained an excellent 100 trust score of 100 percent. Since payment transactions are not a requirement, TareasDe.com gained an above-average 64.9 percentage business ranking.

As an old website, Tareas de Punto Com has a low 16% suspicion score. From now on, TareasDe is not blacklisted. TareasDe was rated as having a poor domain authority of 14/100 with a low visit count and an zero Alexa rank. TareasDe utilizes a secure HTTPS protocol. The IP has an unreliable Domain Validated SSL Certificate for the next 56 days.

TareasDe.com Reviews:

TareasDe is not able to support blog reviews from customers or customer reviews via its site. On Facebook TareasDe is more popular than the 16K fans. Three reviews on Facebook rated TareasDe 5 stars. A handful of YouTube reviews on TareasDe’s contents were mostly positive. The absence of user reviews on TareasDe were found on any websites for customer reviews and other websites.

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Although TareasDe is a trusted site with good trust as well as business scores and a low profile of suspicion, it is not a trusted host. software and game developers are not authorized by TareasDe to host (or) offer links to their games. Additionally the trust score for victorraulrr.info as well as apkavi.com is not high. So, the downloaded files could contain malware and other threats that pose security risks to the users’ PII, payment data and other devices. So, TareasDe.com seems not trustworthy.

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