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The flexible application, currently open simply on iOS contraptions, draws in teachers to work with better data conversations with the flexibility to accumulate, analyze, and circle back to formative data whenever and any spot learning happens. Consolidated GradeCam™ analyzing simplifies it to score and record bubble-sheet examinations, while features like Evidence Catch and Execution Grader are perfect for adventure and execution based learning conditions. Teachers can use the general convenience to study and track students’ position of standards by chronicling student work with photos and notes and evaluate shows by rubric — right from their phones.

“This is a gigantic leap forward for execution based assessment. Now that Teacher Application is introduced on the two iOS and Android contraptions, more educators can accumulate real evidence of student learning with just their PDAs,” said Trenton Goble, MasteryConnect Manager Insightful Authority. “Besides, with rules based data by and large promptly accessible, instructors can speedily target interventions and convey an additional redid valuable open doors for development for each student.”

The appearance of Teacher Application for Android, by and by open in the Google Play store, upholds the MasteryConnect mission to outfit instructors with the most imaginative plans that anyone could hope to find for project-based learning and execution assessment.

About MasteryConnect

MasteryConnect is an assessment and instructive program stage supporting teachers as they drive student improvement through formative and benchmark examination, instructive arrangement organizing, and participation. We engage teachers to recognize levels of getting a handle on at the time through various evaluations, so they can speedily target interventions and survey their own preparation. For additional information, visit or partner with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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