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On the off chance that you’re somebody who likes to focus on your measurements on different events, then you’ll need to know how to see your details on Spotify. You can follow your details to audit your listening propensities, see what you’ve been paying attention to, and that’s just the beginning.

Step by step instructions to see your details on Spotify (work area and web player)
Beside Spotify Wrapped, Spotify doesn’t permit you to see genuine numbers. Listening time in minutes and more unambiguous data isn’t accessible until Spotify Wrapped shows up in December. And still, at the end of the day, the data gave is very restricted.

Be that as it may, Spotify does organize a rundown of your top craftsmen and tracks, which you can see from your Profile. While it will not determine how long you paid attention to every tune or craftsman, your “top tracks” and “top specialists” of the month will be recorded all together, in view of listening time.

top craftsmen and top tracks of the month on spotify profile
Spotify permits you to see your top month to month craftsmen and tracks from your Profile.
Step by step instructions to see your details on Spotify (Android and iOS)
On your cell phone, your Spotify detail seeing choices get more slender. From your Profile, you can see your most often played specialists — and you can do this in the event that you have As of late played craftsmen turned on in Settings.

spotify screen capture of as of late played specialists
Instructions to see your As of late played craftsmen on Spotify

Open the Spotify versatile application on your Android or iOS gadget.
From Home, tap the stuff molded Settings button.
In Settings, look down to the Social area and empower the As of late played specialists slider.
When As of late played craftsmen is on, look back up and squeeze View Profile.
On your Profile, you can see your three most As of late played craftsmen. To see the full rundown, press See all.
The specialists that appear in your As of late played craftsmen list are displayed all together in view of your most as of late played melody. To see your latest tune history, select the As of late played button from the Home screen.

Involving Details so that Spotify might see your Spotify details
You can visit a site called Details for Spotify that will show you your top tracks, top specialists, and top classes. This is basically the same as the data you can find inside Spotify itself since you can’t understand how long you paid attention to every melody, craftsman, or classification. Tracks, specialists, and classes are positioned in view of time tuned in.

Presently, where Details for Spotify contrasts from the base stage is in the periods estimated. You can see your top tracks, top craftsmen, and top sorts of the most recent four weeks, the most recent a half year, and all time. To get everything rolling, go to and click the Login with Spotify button.

details for spotify 1
After this, survey the understanding page. You should permit Details for Spotify to get to your Spotify account information and action, as well as make moves for your sake. Conceding them this will permit Details so that Spotify might be able to see your details, and afterward transfer them to you in a consumable structure factor.

details for spotify screen capture of the acception page
Subsequent to signing in through your Spotify account, you can begin seeing your details. As referenced beforehand, there are no genuine measurements included. Beside your top tracks, craftsmen, and types, you can’t see any constant numbers. This information is refreshed day to day.

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details for spotify 2
Spotify Wrapped
spotify wrapped 2021 1
Consistently, Spotify sends clients a customized Spotify Wrapped rundown of their yearly listening movement. Spotify Wrapped incorporates one snippet of data selective from the wide range of various choices referenced in this article: numbers.

For specialists, they can see — and share — pieces of measurable data like the number of streams they that amassed, the number of audience members they that had for the year, how long their music was paid attention to, and the number of nations that paid attention to their music.

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