Starbucks Gravitas Blend A Tasty Coffee Flavour!

Starbucks Gravitas Blend
Starbucks Gravitas Blend

Starbucks Gravitas Blend Starbucks Gravitas Blend has gained popularity because of its flavor, and is currently extremely popular. Learn more about the iced coffee that you must try this summer.

Gravitas Blend is an official coffee drink of Starbucks. Starbucks will be celebrating their 50th anniversary on the 04th of October in 2021. Are you interested in knowing what flavors are available as part of Starbucks’ Gravitas Blend in Canada and the United States? What is the flavor? What is the cost for Gravitas Blend? What date was it when it was launched? What is its availability?

Before you test it out Would you like to read reviews from customers? Let’s read all of the details regarding Starbucks Gravitas Blend.

What is Gravitas Blend?

Gravitas Blend is only available at Roasteries because the beans are freshly blended and roasted on site. When the power of the coffee is in place freshly brewed and delicious coffee is prepared. It’s a blend made of three distinct coffee beans, offering a variety of flavors as you sip it sip-by-sip. It was created to be a flavor to the strong and bold coffee drinks of Starbucks.

Available Flavours:

Gravitas Blend is available in two flavors of fruity coffee-based twists. The first comes in the form of Passionfruit Pomegranate Espresso Dolce, and the second one can be described as Mandarin Espresso Dolce.

For each of the Starbucks Gravitas Blend flavors The first layer is puree made of fruits The next layer of sweet cream is followed by the final layers made of Starbucks Reserve espresso. Starbucks Reserve espresso is very popular as an individual drink and people are raving about it.

The Passionfruit Pomegranate Espresso Dolce:

For the Passionfruit Pomegranate Espresso Dolce variant the first layer is made up of blood orange puree, passionfruit drizzle and pomegranate. The next cake of sweet cream follows with Starbucks Reserve espresso. Ice is blended throughout the layers to create an icy drink. While drinking this drink Starbucks Gravitas Blend you will taste the tang of fruit pure, followed by pomegranate, and then the orange flavor.

It’s not over and you’ll be able to taste the delicious taste of cream that gets you ready for the intense flavor of espresso. When you finish your drink, you’ll realize that it’s a mix of the tropical smoothie with iced coffee.

The Mandarin Espresso Dolce:

For Mandarin Espresso Dolce, the first layer is comprised of mandarin and tangerine. Like Passionfruit Pomegranate Espresso Dolce, you will get to relish the flavor of tangerine and mandarin puree, then sweet cream, and finally the strong espresso flavour.

Price of Starbucks Gravitas Blend:

Gravitas Blend ranges in price from $6.00 and $8.50.


The people who tasted Gravitas Blend said that the espresso was bitter and strong taste. The coffee beans that were roasted within less than 48 hours had a taste more appealing when compared to beans that were roasted and stored for longer then two weeks. In general, there are good reviews about Gravitas Blend.


Gravitas Blend launched prior to the start of summer on April 28th, 2021 along with other boozy drinks to mark Starbucks 50th Anniversary. It provides you with an energy boost and keeps you moving. It also helps to cool down in the summer months with the blend of ice. The design for Starbucks Gravitas Blend can be stunning and colorful.

Do you want to learn the details about Starbucks Anniversary blends? We’d love to know what one of the Gravitas Blend flavors is the best.

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