Sophie Machine Gun Kelly Who is Sophie Lloyd?

Sophie Machine Gun Kelly

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Sophie Lloyd and Machine Gun Kelly

Sophie Lloyd plays guitar for Machine Gun Kelly. A post on social media of actor Megan Fox has gone viral. Fox announced that she’s removed herself from following her husband Machine Gun Kelly on Instagram. They’ve split from one another. According to reports, it was due to speculation that Kelly was cheating on Fox in a relationship with Sophie. Megan and Kelly revealed their relationship in the year 2020. However, the latest public post on social media about their relationship has awed the fans of their couple. The mysterious post written by Megan has gained a lot of attention from people. When Sophie became the Machine Gun Kelly guitarist ,she became famous among the masses in a shorter time.

Who is Sophie Lloyd?

Sophie Lloyd was born on 2 September, 1996. She was born in London The United Kingdom. The mother of Sophie Lloyd is Sue she is also she is a Pilates Instructor. She’s 27 years old and is a guitarist for the group Machine Gun Kelly. Sophie was fascinated by music since early years. When she got back from high school, she began on guitar on her Yamaha Pacifica Guitar for five hours a day. She admitted that she felt a bit of an outcast. This gave her plenty of time to work on her instrument. It also helped me get rid of anxiety.

Sophie Machine Gun Kelly

The recent controversy over relationships of Megan as well as Kelly has raised questions. Rumors of a breakup between Megan and Kelly circulated after Megan deleted all photos of her finances from Instagram. Megan also deleted Kelly on Instagram which led to speculation of a break-up. According to reports, Megan began adhering to Eminem, Harry Styles, and Timothee Chalamet after unfollowing Kelly. A lot of fans have commented regarding Megan along with Kelly. One of them said they would be believed as fake, if the couple split apart. According to reports another fan wrote on how Machine Gun Kelly and Sophie Lloydare serious about the post.

About Sophie’s Education and Career

Sophie Lloyd graduated from BIMM Institute and was awarded the first Class honours BMus with a major in Popular Music Performance. There are many people who follow her through social platforms. Her performances draw people to become a fan. She posts her performances to her channel on YouTube.

Numerous artists and bands influenced the music of her. She was influenced by The Black Label Society, Pantera, Iron Maiden, the Offspring and Misfits. Rory Gallagher and Joe Bonamassa were also influential in her. Then she joined the group Machine Gun Kelly. Since then, she has become famous throughout the world due to her incredible performances. Sophie Lloyd Machine Gun Kellyhas been able to delight the audience. Many have become fans of their group. But, the latest social media post has caused users to think about their relationship. People want to know the truth. But, the removal from Fox off the Instagram page and the photo of Kelly has raised numerous concerns.


People are in confusion regarding the relation that exists between Lloyd Kelly and Lloyd Kelly. Some have referred to it as speculation. A few of the fans aren’t willing to believe the rumor. For more information you can visit the website

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