Some Great Work Has Come Out of Nashville


At Arc Studios, we strive to give you the best quality product there is – we strive to get you the best of the best in virtual video production!

Our top-of-the-line team and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to give each of our clients the best possible product we can give them! Arc Studios has produced some amazing videos that have received some amazing responses right here in Nashville, Tennessee!

At Arc Studios, we produce a multitude of different videos; from music videos to ads to keynote speeches, we have done it all! And we cannot wait to add your video to the list!

With our amazing equipment, facility and software, we are able to get creative with each video we produce. Technologies such as 3D Film, LED Volume, ICVFX, and Extended Reality give us the ability to bring your idea to life! Our seamless production process makes all our videos and productions extremely smooth and crisp.

You are promised a product like no other when you shoot at Arc! With everything happening in-house, you can choose the set and lighting you want. There’s no need for you to venture out for the perfect location or to wait all day till the sun gives you the perfect light – we can create all of that right here at Arc!

Our awesome technology also reduces the time it takes you to receive the end product. Instead of waiting to add special effects at the end, ICVFX enables us to add these effects right when we shoot. Hence, our videos require less editing and take less time to reach your audience.

If you are on the line of deciding whether or not to work with us, we have a huge customer base that could vouch for our services and the product we offer! Here are just some of the videos that have been shot at Arc:

  1. Kelsea Ballerini’s “IF YOU GO DOWN (I’M GOIN’ DOWN TOO)” for Black River Entertainment – This project involved building a physical living room in the middle of Arc Studios. It was directed by Patrick Tracy and developed by the Indigo Frame team. The video was cultivated to reflect the song’s lyrics best. You can watch it here:
  2. Thomas Rhett’s “Where We Started Radio” for Apple Music – This commercial was for Thomas Rhett’s new album for Apple Music. This project was cultivated by Arc Studios, Meptik, and Gear Seven – this project is a great example of getting the best of what Arc has to offer; it is an example of some of the best work shot at Arc! You can watch it here: 
  3. Emily Rowed’s “Bloom” for Tone Tree Music – This music video was inspired by sci-fi settings such as Avatar; it involved building a custom bioluminescent virtual scene by Gear Seven and Meptik. It was directed by Sam Siske and involved a gorgeous landscape that you just can’t take your eyes off of. You can watch it here: 
  4. Defy The Odds for Corry Wiens – ‘Defy The Odds’ is a short film by Corry Wiens; it has won several awards and is based on the story of the NASCAR driver Bill Lester, who was the first African American to compete and win in the Grand-Am Series sanctioned by NASCAR. The film was shot by Arc Studios, Meptik, and Shift Dynamics, and produced by Gear Seven. You can watch it here: 
  5. “Wanname” for Menna – “Wanname” is a music video shot for Nashville-based independent artist Menna. This video is an example of one of Arc Studio’s budget-friendly options; the director JT McCreery used mirroring techniques and LED volume to give the video its vintage feel and artistic vibe. You can watch it here: 
  6. TikTok Global Keynote 2021 for Streamline Events – This video was produced by Gear Seven. It involves basic graphics and background and is an example of a regular video produced by Arc. This video is simplicity at its finest; Arc Studios is not just a place to create flashy, well-detailed videos, we have the basics down, and that is truly what matters! You can watch it here: 

The above videos are great examples of the amazing work we do at Arc Studios. Rather than just giving you a video that helps to get your message across, we give you a story. Our video production process is geared towards giving you and your audience a narrative that will stick with them even after they watch the video.

Using graphics and designs, the way we do at Arc is a surefire way to help get your message across. Taking the TikTok keynote as an example, we have the ability to keep it simple. A sleek video like that will make sure your audience remembers the information and helps to get your point across in a clear-cut manner. Sometimes simplicity is key – and we can help you get just that!

However, sometimes there is a need for something bigger. If you are focusing on a creative project, creating a video that stands out and reflects the creative piece you are trying to bring out is important. At Arc Studios, you can get bigger and bolder with your sets and lighting, and can even have a hand in the production and creative process alongside our talented team. We believe in bringing your idea to light and making sure it shines through!

Whether your goal is to produce a creative piece, an informative video, or an advertisement, Arch Studios has got you covered! Once you receive the end result, you will be proud to say that you decided to shoot at Arc!Have we convinced you yet? We believe Arc Studios is the future of virtual video production. To get more information about us and what we do, you can visit our website, To get a consultation, send us an email at, give us a call at 615-205-8638, or visit us at 11 Willow Street 2, Nashville, Tennessee. We can’t wait to hear from you – we are here to turn your vision into reality!

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