Selling Your Home: How to Create a Positive First Impression

Selling Your Home: How to Create a Positive First Impression

Your property’s curb appeal will determine its number of viewings and offers. 

If a prospective buyer doesn’t fall head over heels in love with the exterior upon arrival, they’re unlikely to view the property as their dream home and might feel tempted to browse the market further.

Don’t allow a few exterior design mistakes to stop you from selling your home quickly for a great price. Learn how to create a positive first impression.

Transform Your Lawn

Your lawn will add to your property’s curb appeal while providing an insight into the type of homeowner you are. 

If it appears brown, patchy, and unattractive, a homeowner will believe you lack attention to detail and may worry about other areas of the property you have neglected. 

If the grass is green and healthy, a potential buyer will have more confidence in your home’s quality.

Invest in Lakewood lawn care by to give your grass some TLC before placing your property on the market. 

The experts will take the time to remove weeds, revive your soil and grass, and create a beautiful lawn that will impress every house hunter.

Install Stylish Outdoor Lighting

Add warmth and character to your exterior design by installing stylish outdoor lighting, which should flank both sides of your front door. 

It will turn your property’s entrance into a focal point, which will make property buyers eager to step inside to explore your home.

Give Your Garden Some Color

Look for ways to incorporate bright colors into your exterior to create a more aesthetically pleasing exterior design. 

For example, add hanging baskets with vibrant flowers, install attractive window boxes, and give your front door a fresh coat of paint. 

It will help your home stand out on the street and prove how houseproud you are, which will convince a buyer that the property has been well-cared for throughout the years.

Spruce Up Your Home with a Pressure Washer

Much dirt and grime can accumulate across your exterior as the years go by, which you would be wise to remove before welcoming prospective buyers into your home. 

To do so, use a pressure wash to blast away all forms of dirt on your walls, gutters, driveway, porch, and decking.

Fix Broken Guttering or Damaged Roofing

If your guttering appears broken or roof tiles are cracked, a prospective buyer might worry about property problems once they receive the keys.

Encourage buyers to make you an offer by addressing issues on your property or inside your garden, such as damaged roofing or broken guttering.

Add Attractive Decorative Accents

Make your house look like a beautiful home by adding various decorative accents to your exterior. 

For example, you could lay down a welcome mat, install a stylish door knocker, replace your mailbox, and flank your front door with potted plants or sophisticated outdoor lanterns.

The attractive elements could provide your garden with the perfect finishing touch, making house hunters more excited to enter your home.

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