Samsung’s next Unpacked keynote comes to the metaverse


Electronics giant Samsung is next Scheduled to air this Wednesday, it will be accessible in both virtual reality and real reality.Metaverse-oriented fans can watch the event on the 837X, which recreates the location of Samsung’s flagship store in New York City, recreated within a virtual reality platform. ..

What makes Samsung’s adventure in the Metaverse so interesting is a bit The company had to say about VR in recent years. The Korean giant was one of the first companies to make progress in the world of augmented reality and virtual reality when it released Gear VR, a smartphone-based virtual reality platform.Once known as one of the cheaper and more VR headset options planned by Samsung There are no plans to replace it last December.

Especially for many business and tech professionals, it’s just .. Facebook’s parent Meta’s share price fell more than 26% last week after last week’s earnings announcement, losing more than $ 10 billion. , Its AR and VR department. Still, the considerable hype behind the Metaverse doesn’t seem to diminish.Number of include , Microsoft, Nike and Disney have made significant investments in the Metaverse. Interest in VR is higher than ever (sales of AR and VR hardware) 2021), it is still widely regarded as a niche product.

Broadly speaking, the problem with large Metaverse warrants is that no one seems completely sure what the problem is to be solved.Other than vague With some new feature announcements, Samsung is either better or even more meaningful to watch this week’s Unpacked in VR than streaming it in any of the eight other locations available. It doesn’t really show if there is a difference. These platforms include Samsung’s various accounts on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, as well as Twitch and Reddit.

For the event Of Samsung’s new flagship phone, the Galaxy S22.

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