Samsung’s new Android tablets are so popular that it had to halt preorders

Promotional image of the huge computer tablet used.
expansion / / Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, S pen and incredibly slim bezel.

Man favorite Android tablet? It’s a strange world presented to us by the latest news from Samsung.The company made Galaxy Tab S8 Pre-orders were available last week, but according to Samsung, tablets were so popular that we had to stop accepting pre-orders.

XDA developer Recognizing that pre-orders for some models have been closed, we received the following statement from Samsung:

We are thrilled with the consumer reaction to the new Galaxy Tab S8 lineup. Overwhelming demand over the last 48 hours has suspended pre-orders for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S8 on We are working swiftly to meet consumer excitement and demand.Stay tuned for future updates

Samsung Launched 3 models Last week’s S8: Base model Tab S8, Tab S8 +, and Tab S8 Ultra.Only tab S8 + Still for saleThe $ 699 Tab S8 and the $ 1,099 Ultra model are listed as “sold out”.

The Ultra model has been found to be a huge 14.6-inch tablet with a unique slim bezel design and a Macbook-Pro style display notch for the front camera. Other models have a more traditional tablet design. The Tab S8 line features flagship specs with a Snapdragon 8 Gen-1 SoC, 8GB of RAM, a high resolution screen and an aluminum body.

Samsung website. As you can see in the lower right, everything except the Tab S8 + is sold out.
expansion / / Samsung website. As you can see in the lower right, everything except the Tab S8 + is sold out.


There is no clear reason why the Tab S8 suddenly becomes popular. Except for the camera notch, Samsung’s Tab S8 line isn’t much different from the Tab S7 line launched in 2020. Samsung has chosen not to update the Tab S line in 2021. This shows that Samsung was not a big seller. According to the company, this shortage is due to increased sales. But that can be a normal supply chain problem. According to IDC, Samsung Number 2 tablet maker Following Apple, it occupies 20% of the market.

Google is hoping for the resurgence of Android tablets. Android 12L In March, we will promote more tablet apps. Although the market impact has not yet been confirmed, many OEMs, including Samsung, are demonstrating new initiatives for Android tablets.

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