Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 cobbles together more health features


Samsung has no plans to launch a new smartwatch at this week’s Unpacked event, but hasn’t forgotten the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Starting February 9, both smartwatches will support new health and fitness features such as custom interval training, sleep coaching, and the ability to set body composition goals. Oh, it promises to improve app compatibility with the new Wear OS platform, but you still have to wait a bit for the Google Assistant.

Sleep tracking is an area where Samsung is a bit behind compared to more fitness-oriented trackers.In that regard, Samsung is adding a sleep coaching program that seems to be inspired by it. Chronotype — In a nutshell, it’s basically your natural circadian rhythm. Traditionally, people are categorized into four animal-related chronotypes (lions, dolphins, bears, and wolves), but Samsung seems to have gone one step further and expanded to eight types. Samsung states that it tracked sleep patterns during the week and assigned one of eight animals representing sleep types after completing two sleep surveys. Then you have the option of a 4- to 5-week program aimed at improving sleep quality through checklists, sleep articles, meditations, reports and more.

One of the marquee health upgrades Galaxy Watch 4 The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic was a new glossy 3-in-1 biosensor that enabled reading of body composition. It was impressive because it was a range of smart scales and special equipment at either your doctor or the gym. That said, what you got was a reading of numbers that might not make much sense to beginners.Now Samsung says partnership with Centr To provide “body composition insights”. (If you’ve never heard of Centr, its fame is that Thor Beef Cake Chris Hemsworth Fitness App. For example, if someone is gaining weight while gaining body fat and muscle, it may provide additional context as to why it is normal. Galaxy Watch 4 users will also get a 30-day trial version of the app.

Samsung also introduced running coaching a few years ago, but the update also adds new interval targeting capabilities for runners and cyclists. You can now preset the duration, distance, and number of sets. From there, Samsung states that the Galaxy Watch 4 will guide users through custom “intensity training sessions” that alternate between high-intensity and low-intensity training.

New strap options and colors
Image: Samsung

Samsung’s main announcement may focus on health, but it also promises to make Android more compatible. Watches have been released on Google Maps, Google Pay, YouTube Music, and several other third-party apps. But since the watch went on sale in late August, that’s about it. The company says it is currently planning to enable easier setup and the ability to stream directly to the wrist via the YouTube Music app’s Wi-Fi or LTE. We also reaffirmed that the Google Assistant will actually appear on the Galaxy Watch 4. Upon arrival, users will be able to choose between an assistant or Samsung’s Bixby.How about when, Samsung kept it ambiguous. The YouTube update will be “soon to be released,” but the Google Assistant will be available “in the coming months.”

Finally, Samsung offers more style options in the form of new strap colors, fabric bands and link bracelets. We will also add more colors and digital clock fonts to better personalize the watch face.

New health features will be available from the Galaxy Wearable App starting February 9th. The new strap will be available in late February. And hopefully the Google Assistant will arrive by the end of 2022.


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