Samsung Galaxy S22 series hot take


The Samsung Galaxy S22 Trio arrived earlier this week to gain their position as the ruler of the Korean company’s barphone lineup.The Galaxy S22 When Galaxy S22 + Both get an updated main camera and a slightly modified size, Galaxy S22 Ultra Is the first Samsung phone with a built-in S pen. Note20 Ultra In 2020.

Galaxy S22 and S22 + now fit better in their respective positions

Instead of relying on the digital zoom of the 64MP sensor, the Galaxy S22 and S22 + come with improved camera settings compared to previous cameras, including a significantly larger main sensor and a suitable telephoto camera. Together with the new chipsets that bring a big boost to computational photography, they promise to bring a big boost to image quality.

But arguably the big change is to tweak the screen size and dimensions to fit these two into the lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 +
Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 +

In addition to being slightly narrower, the Galaxy S22 is more than 0.5 centimeters shorter than the S21.It brings it closer to Galaxy S10e From its predecessor, and making it the first truly compact Samsung flagship in three years.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 + has also shrunk a bit and is a bit further away from the Ultra members of the lineup. You won’t be able to completely avoid the anonymity that comes from being the middle kid, but it’s feasible for those who think the Ultra is too big, rather than serving as a comfort to those who think the top dog is too expensive. May be considered an option.
Samsung Galaxy S22 +
Samsung Galaxy S22 +

With a flatter frame on the S22 Duo compared to the Galaxy S21 S21 + Also, even if the grip is slightly damaged, it will feel a little compact. And in addition to the front and back of the Gorilla Glass Victus (the new plus version at the time), there’s also a more premium feel.

Galaxy S22 Ultra-S series champion and Notes protector

The Galaxy Note series seems to be gone forever, but its legacy remains.Last year with Galaxy S21 Ultra Galaxy Z Fold3 Although it supports S-pen, few people bothered to get a holster because neither phone has a built-in holster.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra embodies the spirit of the Galaxy Note much better, and even its design is more like the Note 20 Ultra than the S21 Ultra. Flagship spots later this year are reserved for foldable, so it’s better to have the best flagships of both the world’s notebooks and the S-series than no notes at all. In fact, this method may be better, even if you don’t have to worry about folding.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The top Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models are becoming redundant, the only difference is the addition of the S pen slot.The S9 + When Note 9 It had exactly the same camera settings, S10 5G When Note10 + With almost the same setup (slightly different lenses) S20 Ultra/ /Note20 Ultra There were only different telephoto units.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Hot Take

With the S22 Ultra, Samsung has returned to a more aggressively curved screen and a more boxer overall shape. There’s a good reason for that-S Pen Silo, S21 Ultra..

The jury is still on the Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera

On the S22 and S22 +, the main camera has been updated with a large 50MP sensor with improved OIS. The telephoto camera is also natively three times as telephoto as the previous 64MP hybrid solutions for the S21 and S21 +. Therefore, it makes sense to expect to produce better photos and videos than your predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Hot Take

The S22 Ultra, on the other hand, has about the same camera hardware.In fact, the only difference is small Telephoto camera sensor. However, everyone knows the importance of computational photography to the image quality of modern smartphones. Samsung says the software tweaks will bring significant improvements to low-light photography and video recording, but we won’t know if that’s true until a review comes out.

Also, it’s still unclear if these software improvements have penetrated the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Software updates can now compete with Apple

Android smartphone makers have recently shown interest in making devices last longer with firmware updates, but not as much as Samsung. Not only did the company surpass the previous “standard” of two major Android upgrades, but even Google often releases monthly security patches before updating the Pixel.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Subsequently, Samsung offers 4 years of One UI updates and 5 years of security updates. Only Google promises that kind of support and includes only three major updates.

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