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To forestall uncommon cost variances in the vehicle market, the Iranian vehicle allotment framework began chipping away at May 25, candidates can enlist and purchase vehicles through the framework during two days, Sunday and Monday, on the 25th and 26th. In May, they can see the business booklets of different Iranian vehicle makers, and from Tuesday, May 27, all candidates will be able to enlist for the Iranian Vehicle Assignment Framework .

This is the initial enlistment time frame for purchasing a vehicle through the Iranian vehicle portion framework, and it is feasible to enroll for candidates in something like multi week until multi week after May 27th . It ought to be noticed that during the time spent drawing and purchasing a vehicle through this framework, enlistment isn’t really important, and early enrollment in this framework isn’t viewed as an honor for purchasing a vehicle.

The most effective method to enlist in the arrangement of combination of the assignment of Iranian vehicles
This framework began working at 12:00 on the 25th of May and it is as yet impractical to enlist in it, and until the 27th of May it is an option exclusively for clients to see the handouts and vehicles accessible in this framework, however Doubtlessly, the enrollment cycle of the vehicle allotment framework will be equivalent to the enlistment cycle of vehicle fabricating processing plants (like Iran Khodro and Saipa).

It ought to be noticed that to enroll on , an individual just needs to enlist in the lottery with a declaration in which a vehicle isn’t enlisted, and vehicle proprietors are not permitted to partake in this lottery.

To figure out how to enlist Iran Khodro , remain with us in Iran Tehsil.

Important stages to enlist the Iranian work vehicle portion framework
By alluding to the address and tapping on the buy guide choice, the point by point ventures from the snapshot of enlistment in this framework to the snapshot of getting the vehicle are portrayed for the candidates, the means of enrollment to getting the vehicle in this framework are as per the following. is:

Login and enrollment stage in the framework
Make a profile and supplement individual data
Finishing the enrollment structure as per the round
Select the ideal vehicle
Determination of booklets
View data (win or not)
Get the following code (assuming you win)

Iranian work vehicle distribution framework

Required reports for enrollment at
In the event that the enrollment cycle in the Iranian vehicle designation framework is like corporate lotteries, the fundamental reports for enlistment in this framework will be as per the following:

All the data in an individual’s introduction to the world declaration, including first and last name, guardians’ data, birth testament number, spot of issue, and so on.
All data connected with the candidate’s declaration
Postal code of home
Accurate location of home
Financial balance data and Shaba number

Purchasing a vehicle from the Iranian work vehicle designation framework
As per section 5 of the official declarations, to make individuals more happy with the vehicle market, all vehicle fabricating plants are expected to sell their items at a specific rate in this framework. Candidates can enroll their ideal vehicle in the framework. take part in the lottery to purchase a vehicle.

The most common way of purchasing a vehicle for clients keen on enlistment will be finished by lottery, yet the significant point is that all vehicle makers dynamic in the Iranian market are expected to meet a specific standard (more than the lottery share of the creation plants themselves). sell at the processing plant entryway cost.

Enlistment of the arrangement of allotment of Iranian vehicles

What vehicles can be purchased through
As it was said in the past segment, all vehicle fabricating processing plants in Iran are expected to consider a quantity for offering to clients along these lines, in the accompanying, all vehicle plants in the Iranian designation framework work with the items that are in this framework. We will present:

Steel fast ring, rainbow hair (multicolor), Saina, Tiba, Speedy s, Saina s, Shahin

Iran Khodro
Dena, Dena Also, Tara, Persia, 206, 207, Rana, Soren

motor torrential slide
Constancy, Nobility

Kerman Engine
jack s5, jack j4

Note: It ought to be noticed that the data entered for the vehicle processing plants in this framework is steady with the data at present accessible, and different processing plants might offer car items on this site for the rest of the cutoff time for survey the roundabout on this site. .

Click on the blue connect to figure out how to follow the Iran Khodro lottery with the public code .

The adolescent arrangement of the number of inhabitants in the Iranian work framework
One more objective of setting up the Iranian vehicle portion framework is to work toward empowering families to have youngsters, hence, an arrangement called the young people of Iran’s populace is being executed in this framework, during this arrangement, moms whose subsequent kid was brought into the world before The individuals who were brought into the world in the period of Aban 1401 will have an exceptional share, and the vehicle fabricating plant has thought about discrete circumstances for their vehicle proprietorship.

Vehicle deals limit through the Iranian work designation framework
As referenced before and toward the start of this article, the motivation behind sending off the Iranian framework is to make a hindrance against the choppiness of the vehicle market and to make the vehicle purchasing process more straightforward for clients, consequently and in accordance with the official declaration of all dynamic production lines In Iran’s vehicle market, they ought to designate a few times the limit of corporate lotteries to enlist and offer vehicles to candidates.

The most common way of selling a vehicle enlistment in this framework is exceptionally straightforward and there will be no arrangement to offer a vehicle to individuals who are not enrolled in this framework. Authorities are attempting to forestall any maltreatment of this technique.

Remain with us in Iran Tehsil to get to know following the vehicle card subsequent to changing the tag .

News about the vehicle distribution framework
Walk 11, 1401
The President, Mr. Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, subsequent to visiting the Iran Khodro plant, expressed that to make the cost of the vehicle market more pleasant, notwithstanding prior leeway of enrolled vehicles, this industrial facility ought to have a cross country lottery framework to give vehicles to clients. be sent off


The vehicle designation joining framework with the presence of vehicle production lines dynamic in the Iranian market with the greatest capacity to give vehicles at the manufacturing plant entryway cost began working on May 25, 1401. Making more consumer loyalty has begun, candidates to purchase a vehicle in this way can enlist in this framework from Tuesday, May 27, and partake in the lottery for their ideal vehicle.

Enlistment in this framework is an option exclusively for individuals who don’t have a vehicle on their permit and who have likewise enrolled in this framework; It ought to be noticed that the cutoff time for enrollment is multi week and early enrollment isn’t viewed as a little something extra for clients in this framework.

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