Round Up: The Reviews Of Valve’s Steam Deck Are In – What’s It Like Compared To Switch?

Steam Deck
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Valve’s new portable gaming computer that Steam Deck may be “Chasing” a completely different audience However, there are still many comparisons with the Nintendo Switch.

The final product is now in the hands of various technology and video game retailers. What is the final verdict and how does it compare to Nintendo’s hybrid devices? If you want to know more about this new system, read on! We have put together a series of reviews. Many mention Nintendo’s hybrid hardware.

Begins with a Steam Deck review by polygonThis is a sample of what Chris Plant, the site’s editor-in-chief and co-founder, had to say.

“Steam Deck shines as a super-powerful switch … I enjoyed Steam Deck the most when I treated it like a powerful Nintendo Switch rather than a hybrid portable PC.”

“… I love Nintendo Switch because it makes video games more accessible to more people than ever before, and makes it easy to enjoy games at a convenient time without adding time or space. No need for a living room .. And for beginners and people new to PC gaming, I still believe that Nintendo devices will continue to be the best starting point for this hobby.

“But for those who already have a Steam library or want to step into the water of PC games, the Steam deck already feels like a legitimate alternative. It’s everywhere on Switch. Based on the pitch of being playable anywhere. Games and save files are not associated with the console. They are in the cloud wherever you have access to Steam, from your Steam deck to your gaming PC or your laptop for work. In the future. “

Tom’s hardware Senior Editor Andrew E. Freedman awarded the device four out of five stars, stating:

“Like the Nintendo Switch, playing games on a Steam deck has some intimacy. Sure, you can play games on a rig connected to a monitor or TV, but sometimes it’s more comfortable. Sometimes, I sat down on the couch under the blanket and got a cup of tea. Its flexibility allowed me to play games that I hadn’t tried anywhere else. “

Wesfenron PC gamer He gave the device 85 out of 100 and said it was a “Leatherman man likes” system.

“Steam Deck is a Leatherman guy’s favorite handheld gaming system. It could have been designed by Valve’s Leatherman guy. He said the handheld gaming PC has a big screen, two big analog sticks, a trackpad and a friendly. Accessing the right Linux desktop underneath a nice UI And the Steam deck isn’t completely unaffected by the shop’s problems. Even after two weeks, it’s not a replacement for a desktop PC, Nintendo. It’s not as portable as a switch. “

Engadget Senior Editor Jessica Condit awarded Valve’s new hardware to 81 out of 100. She believes the Switch comparison is “perfectly fair,” but it’s like a hybrid of two older devices.

“Many people plan to compare the Steam Deck to the Switch, which is pretty fair, but after spending more than a week on a Valve portable PC, I think there’s a better analogy at hand. The Steam Deck is a Vita and Wii U. Get drunk on Linux and make a big baby together. “

The IGN Editor-in-chief Seth G. In an “ongoing review” by Macy, he said:

“Steam Deck’s LCD screen works at 1200×800 at 60Hz and looks very good. I’m not dissatisfied with the resolution. At this screen size, there is diminishing returns due to stuffing extra pixels. The latest model screen messed me up with a handheld screen, and the Steam Deck doesn’t meet the vibrancy and clarity provided by the latest Nintendo update. Switch between this and the OLED screen. Similarly, the screen is touch-enabled, so you can easily navigate menus and control some games by simply tapping and dragging here. “

“… with just a few accessories, it’s interesting to think of this [Steam Deck] It could be someone’s only PC and it’s not a terrible setting. Taking all of its multi-use features into account, the additional cost of over-switching (still without a web browser or Netflix app today) doesn’t seem unreasonable. It can’t be used for video conferencing because it doesn’t have a camera, but apart from that, it’s a decent little one that not only makes it easy to handle light everyday tasks, but also allows you to play games at a level not found on other hardware at this price. It’s a PC. .. “

Let’s take a look at an actual review of Valve’s Steam Deck and a comparison with Nintendo’s Switch. What do you think of Steam Deck so far? Did you pre-order? Do you think it’s a replacement for the Nintendo Switch? Please leave your thoughts below.

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