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This article will guide Canvas administrators through setting up the Canvas LTI integration to our Foundations curriculum. This gives teachers and students the option of Single Sign On (SSO) and automatic creation of student accounts.

What you will need

  • An annual subscription for at least one Foundations program (i.e. Foundations for Personal Finance in High School and Foundations for Entrepreneurship.
  • Canvas access for teachers
  • The secret to unlocking the unique consumer key for your school
  • XML Code is required for your subscription to the curriculum
  • Teacher account active

FoundationsDigital can help you retrieve your LTI Parameters

To retrieve or generate the school’s consumer keys and secret, as well as the curriculum’s XML, first, the teacher needs to log into RamseyClassroom.com. These can be found by clicking “Account Settings” in the menu above your name and then clicking Connect to my LMS.

Canvas Setup for Teachers

  1. In Canvas, click Courses. Select a course.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click External Tool .
  4. The fields should be set as follows:
  • Title Use any name for the app
  • URLRetrieved From the Account Settings at RamseyClassroom
  • ConsumerKey: Retrieved From the Account Settings at RamseyClassroom
  • Shared secret: Retrieved via the Account Settings at RamseyClassroom
  • Custom Parameters leave empty

Click Send.

5. Under Materials , click the new hyperlink. For the link to appear, you may need to refresh your browser. When you click this link, your Foundations class is created.

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