Project Beam Blue Reddit Project Blue Beam 2023

Project Beam Blue Reddit

This article provides the specifics about this Project Beam Blue Reddit controversy as well as reveals more details about this Beam Blue Project.

How can I find out more about the Blue Beam project? Are you aware that it active? Is the Blue Beam project activated? What was the location where the Project begin? Do you want to know more details about The Conspiracy Theory of the Blue Beam Project? The theory is now going viral following sightings at UFO’s in Canada as well as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom ,andChina. Do you know what the theory is and what we are doing in the present? It’s a Project Beam Blue Reddit article explains the theory of organization and much more.

Project Beam Blue

The Blue beam project is a widely-hyped conspiracy theory that has gone viral over Reddit as well as other platforms. Internet users are asking that the Project should be reactivated to safeguard humanity from an invasion by aliens. The conspiracy theory was believed to be instinctual in French. It is among the most talked about subjects within the Blue Beam Project in social media, especially for conspiracy-minded people. The conspiracy theory has gained the power of social media in the last few years.

Project Blue Beam 2023

The conspiracy theory about Beam Blue’s project Beam Blue has once again sparked controversy on social media. The issue was triggered by sightings of UFOs over China, the US, China, and other nations. On the 11th of February, 2023 The USA warplane was destroyed by an unknown object.

The UFO was spotted in a coordinated operation by the neighboring nations. The operation was followed by a destruction of their blues following the ferocious destruction. They were suspicious of China due to China’s spy balloon. Chinese spy balloon that was spotted last week. Continue reading for more details on conspiracy theories and much more.

What Is Project Blue Beam ?

Project Beam Blue is a conspiracy theory that was proposed in the 1980s and 1990s by NASA or another secret government agency. The theory was developed to create a new religion. Additionally the Antichrist, the main character, initiates the creation of a New World Order. It is mostly focused on the simulated technology of the second coming The Anti-Christ is the leader.through Holograms.

According to sources In 1994, the reporter Serge Monast first theorized the allegations , and later published the allegations in his work.

Project Beam Blue Reddit

The journalist Serge Monast’s book was titled”Project Blue Beam-(NASA). The conspiracy supporters theory claim that Monast and another journalist were not named. Both journalists passed away in 1996 from heart attacks. According to reports they claimed that the Canadian kidnapped Monast’s daughter as an attempt to prevent his shackles from looking at Blue Beam Project.

The theory of propagation

This conspiracy theory has become well-known across the Internet. Numerous websites are dedicated to the subject and have made videos explaining it. Journalist Monast spoke about the subject in the early 1990s. The lecture transcript is freely available. Find out more about the Project Beam Blue Reddit controversy and much more.

About the Project Beam Blue Book

The publisher of the present time isn’t release the journalist prior to the release of the script and his book. The three-page hypothesis was written by Monast himself, and was published in his French language.

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We conclude that it was a joint venture of Project beam blue from NASA as well as others from the United Nations. They utilized advanced technology to bring about a new religion across our planet. Check out more details about the technology behind Blue Beam Project. blue Beam project by clicking here .

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