Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes Read All Details!

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes

These Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Codes can be used to obtain all three starters and the exclusives of the other version. You will also be able to complete trade evolutions.

Each Pokemon game comes in different versions. You can only trade with Trainers to play the various versions. Trade codes make it easier. You can trade a Chimchar to get a Turtwig using some unifying codes, known as Link Codes.

Austin John has created a new trade code system that uses the Worldwide POkedex numbers. To trade a Turtwig in exchange for a Piplup enter 0382-0393. Here are the trade codes for Shining Pearl, Brilliant Diamond and instructions for how to use trade Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Cods.

What codes are there?

You can unlock the chance to obtain Mystery Gifts at Jubilife City TV Station by completing these tasks. Continue reading to learn how to use Mystery Gifts in Pokemon games Shining Pearl or Brilliant Diamond.

Codes of Trade for Pokemon Beginners

Let’s say you want to get the two starting Pokemon you missed out on in Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond. To do this, you can use the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond codes: Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl.

  • 0387-0390 (Turtwig-Chimchar)
  • 0387-0393 (Turtwig-Piplup)
  • 0390-0387 (Chimchar-Turtwig)
  • 0390-0393 (Chimchar-Piplup)
  • 0393-0387 (Piplup-Turtwig)
  • 0393-0390 (Piplup-Chimchar)

Breed more starter Pokemon before trading it. This can be done in Solaceon Town using either a female starter, or a Ditto. You can trade all starters, but first you need to unlock the National Pokedex.

Pokemon Codes are only available for a specific version

These Pokemon Brilliant Dial Codes allow you to switch between versions of Pokemon specific to Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond.

  • 0010-0013 (Caterpie- Weedle)
  • 0023-0027 (Ekans- Sandshrew)
  • 0058-0037 (Growlithe- Vulpix)
  • 0086-0079 (Seel- Slowpoke)
  • 0123-0127 (Scyther- Pinsir)
  • 0198-0200 (Murkrow- Misdreavus)
  • 0207-0216 (Gligar- Teddiursa)
  • 0239-0240 (Elekid- Magby)
  • 0246-0371 (Larvitar- Bagon)
  • 0273-0270 (Seedot- Lotad)
  • 0303-0302 (Mawile- Sableye)
  • 0335-0336 (Zangoose- Seviper)
  • 0338-0337 (Solrock- Lunatone)
  • 0352-0234 (Kecleon- Stantler)
  • 0408-0410 (Cranidos- Shieldon)
  • 0434-0431 (Stunky-Glameow)

These codes are used to prioritize Brilliant Diamond’s exclusives. However, they will work regardless of which version you are currently playing.

List Pokemon Shiny Diamond Codes

  • Learn how Dawn and Lucas may wear Platinum Outfits in remakes. Metronome Style Shop offers Platinum Outfits once the voucher has been redeemed.
  • Players can get a Manaphy Egg during the release. To create the Pokemon Manaphy, explore Sinnoh using the Manaphy Egg.


On November 19, the Nintendo Switch version Pokemon codes was made available. All players who purchase a copy of the game before February 21st will be eligible for the Mystery Gift Program to receive Pokemon Platinum attire.

We would love to hear from you about your experiences with Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Codes.

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