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Boddle’s central goal is to assist messes with developing their affection for realizing so they can construct a more promising time to come. We likewise need to guarantee that tomfoolery and top notch learning is accessible and available to all understudies all over the planet.

What’s the significance here?”
Our container headed characters let understudies in on the significance of topping off on information, esteeming each other’s assets, and spilling back on a mission to help other people.
Boddles gather information and fill their heads by learning.

The straightforward idea of Boddles feature the significance of a youngster’s personality inside.
Learning Boddle Individuals get topped off with information and develop
Boddle Finishing Head IllustrationBoddle Pouring Up IllustrationPlay Video Symbol
Boddles spill back on a mission to develop stuff when their heads are full.

This tells kids that with training, they have the capacity and ability to change what’s to come.
Our Group
Alex Schneider
Anum Akram
Game Designer
Asim Saeed
Head Planner
Clarence Tan
Fellow benefactor
David Barreto
3D Craftsman
David Debnar
Game Designer
Edna Martinson
Fellow benefactor
Erika Brunnmeier
Fareeha Adnan
Game QA
Julianne Arellano
Math Content
Maha Alaam
Craftsmanship Chief
Melvin Arellano
Math Content
Michelle Michalski
Content Chief
M. Ahmed
Programming Designer
Phill Damaskin
Game Designer
Rowan Allcorn
Game Maker
M. Safder
Sami Waqas
Game Designer
Sam Arminana
Game Designer
We’re watching out for energetic, self-propelled, and capable people who are focused on changing instruction.

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