Platinum says it wants to talk to Xbox about Scalebound: ‘Phil, let’s do it!’


PlatinumGames Shows interest in reviewing what was canceled Xbox One day, it ’s exclusive to Scalebound, MicrosoftGame CEO Phil Spencer..

The action RPG was originally planned for Xbox only in 2017, but the game was eventually canceled.

Speak in a new interview with IGN Japan (Translated by VGC), President of Platinum Atsushi Inaba And Vice President Hideki Kamiya Asked if he wanted to revisit the game, he was interested in having a conversation with Microsoft for the first time.

“Kamiya has always wanted to do Scalebound, so I’d like to talk to Microsoft properly,” Inaba said.

Kamiya, director of Scalebound, said, “We’ve done a lot of work. It’s useless for Microsoft to keep the game in its current form, so I’d like to do something (laughs). Phil! Together. Let’s do it! “

Both Xbox and PlatinumGames have previously described what happened at Scalebound, but in recent months Kamiya has become solely responsible for the final cancellation of the project.

In the video Cutscene In a YouTube channel released in November, Kamiya explained how Scalebound was born and why it was finally abolished.

“I’ve loved the fantasy world since I was a kid,” he said. “I always wanted to create something around that theme. In this way, I imagined a world centered around a young man fighting a dragon. But it was a big challenge for PlatinumGames.

“We were working in an unfamiliar environment. We were developing on Unreal Engine, but we also lacked the know-how needed to build games based on online capabilities.

“The hurdles we had to overcome were huge. We didn’t have enough experience and couldn’t overcome the barriers, leading to what ultimately happened.

“I’m sorry for the players who looked forward to it, and I’m sorry for Microsoft for trusting us as a business partner. We apologize as a creator and member of PlatinumGames.”

Platinum wants to talk to the Xbox about Scalebound:

Inaba in 2019 I told VGC in an interview It was “not easy” to see, as the publisher Microsoft was struck by the anger of the fans after the news of the cancellation.

“Both sides failed,” Inaba said, and in the end, the game “couldn’t do everything it needed to be a developer.”

Since the cancellation of Scalebound, Inaba has Promoted to president..In another interview published after the promotion, he said He wants platinum to work on bigger and higher risk projects He is in charge now.

Following speculation that Scalebound could be redeveloped in 2020, the Xbox boss Phil Spencer shot down rumors He explained that the project was definitely dead, adding that PlatinumGames had no harsh feelings.

“It’s difficult because I have a lot of respect for platinum. [Hideki] Kamiya-san and I on the team are not malicious. ” “We talk to those people. There is no hostility between the teams.

“We tried something, but it didn’t work. We regret being very public about what we were trying to do. We learned about Fable Legends. [and] I learned a bit about publishing things around Scalebound before I knew there was a real credible plan. And there will be something that I felt in my hands.

“We didn’t get there with Scalebound and the team, and I say that with both teams.”