OneDrive vs. Google Drive: Which Cloud Storage is More suitable?

OneDrive vs. Google Drive: Which Cloud Storage is More suitable?
OneDrive vs. Google Drive: Which Cloud Storage is More suitable?

Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive are the two most famous cloud storage services out there. Although they nearly offer the same service, the approach is radically different.

While Google Drive has a consumer-first focus approach, OneDrive’s consumer base is concentrated on enterprises. That moves a long way towards explaining why Google follows a cloud-only model and why Microsoft has one foot in the cloud and one on the desktop.

Let’s take a look at the differences between OneDrive and Google Drive to help you make the correct decision when choosing one for your business.

Advantages Of OneDrive and Google Drive

The different approaches adopted by OneDrive and Google Drive bring with them their strengths and shortcomings.

The advantages of OneDrive

The main advantages of Microsoft OneDrive are:

  1. Collaboration on-the-go

The free OneDrive mobile application allows businesses to upload, edit and share files without having to be chained to one’s desktop that’s why many businesses prefer to Migrate Google Drive to OneDriveThis level of real-time collaboration helps businesses increase productivity without adding to expensive overheads.

  • Integrated ecosystem

OneDrive allows users to use a host of Microsoft Office apps such as PowerPoint, Word, etc. It features a web version as well as a desktop version, allowing online and offline to work effortlessly.

The advantages of Google Drive 

The main advantages of Google Drive are:

  • Collaboration made easy

Shareability and real-time editing features offered by Google Drive have taken personal and professional collaboration to the following level. Share documents, spreadsheets, and other content types with coworkers, family, and friends with ease.

  • Idiot-proof user interface

Due to its intuitive UI, Google Drive aces it when it arrives at usability. Its efficient built-in search engine is a highlight, permitting users to search files by type and owner.

What is the Difference Between OneDrive and Google Drive?

Here are the key differentiators between OneDrive and Google Drive:

1.     File Sync

To sync files across all gadgets, OneDrive and Google Drive users must download the following apps: OneDrive desktop and Backup and Sync.

While installing these apps, you will require to set up a folder on your device from your OneDrive or Google Drive account. Users can access any files on Desktop in the Cloud from anywhere at any time.

2.     Speed

OneDrive and Google Drive perform at the same level when it arrives to speed. The difference occurs when you deal with Microsoft native files that support block-level copying, where a file is broken into smaller packages. Only modifications to the file are uploaded to the cloud as opposed to the entire file. As a result, data transfers take a shorter time.

However, if you use Google productivity apps, block-level copying technology has no real use to offer with both Google Drive and OneDrive functioning at par.

3.     Privacy

If there’s one thing Google Drive fans or OneDrive enthusiasts can decide on, it’s data privacy concerns. Google has notoriously been guilty of collecting user data for targeted advertising. On the other hand, Microsoft has the privilege to scan through users’ data for any sort of objectionable content. Of course, none of these tactics are dangerous, but the thought of a stranger sifting through your data isn’t particularly comforting.


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